Witching hour has descended on the fashion world. Fashion Editor, Laurie Shelly takes a look at this growing trend. On the 27th of September, American designer Rick Owens built a pyre in the centre of Palais de Tokyo in Paris, set it on fire, and sent what he called “California witches” down the catwalk in his Spring 2019 Ready-To-Wear collection, in laser-cut gowns, armour-like cloaks, … Continue reading Covet/Coven

Reaching Out/ Ag Síneadh

Reaching out He left me, Empty-handed, Empty-headed, In an empty room, Stripped bare, With empty sleeves, And a hallow ribcage, However, that may be, There is still something left in me, Something that reaches.   Ag síneadh D’fhág sé mé, Mo dhá láimh, Chomh fada lena chéile, ‘s ceann cipín mé, I seomra folamh, Nocht folamh, Ar mhuinchillí folmha, ‘s creat na n-easnacha follamh, Bíodh … Continue reading Reaching Out/ Ag Síneadh

What’s the Deal with Yemen?

10,000 dead, 40,000 casualties and 3 million people displaced, this is the harsh reality of living in Yemen in 2018 as a humanitarian crisis ensues the country. This has been the story for the last 3 years as a bloody war has ravished the nation. But how did Yemen get here? To give a basic crash course on Yemeni politics, you have to look at … Continue reading What’s the Deal with Yemen?

The Exploitation of Student Nurses

Current Affairs editor, Rebecca Stone, looks at the lives of student nurses and the way in which we treat those who care for our most vulnerable citizens. Nursing is vocation they say. A burden in some sense, but a necessary one, taken on by only those who have a strong will to witness and endure the suffering of others. It’s a hard but rewarding job, … Continue reading The Exploitation of Student Nurses

Corduroy: The Poor Man’s Velvet

Someone somewhere along the line started saying that the word ‘corduroy’ was derived from the French for ‘the king’s cords,’ corde du roi, but this turned out to be a false etymology. Which is a shame, because it sounds cute, and also because the introduction to this article probably would have been a lot more engaging if it had opened with a more substantial fact. … Continue reading Corduroy: The Poor Man’s Velvet

Interview with Yahua Hamasaki

On an otherwise dull night in Ireland, it was all colour and rhinestones in Dublin’s Tivoli Theatre. August 10th saw RuPaul’s Drag Race bring its “10’s Across The Board Tour” to the capital. Hosted by Dublin queen, Victoria Secret, and Danny Beard of Britain’s Got Talent fame, the event saw stars of the hit reality show’s tenth season hit the stage for a night of … Continue reading Interview with Yahua Hamasaki

Death Notice: Review

Deputy Entertainment Editor Julie Crowley reviews the first instalment of China’s best-selling crime trilogy. “The law doesn’t bring justice. The powerful and influential can break rules however they please, and the law can’t touch the people who hide in the shadows.”-  Eumenides Death Notice is the first book in a best-selling Chinese crime trilogy. Following a high-octane police search for a cunning and ruthless serial … Continue reading Death Notice: Review