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Hope in Dark Times: Tadhg Williams announces ‘The Hope Song’

Alana Daly Mulligan gets chatting with singer-songwriter and fellow Déisí Tadhg Williams about his upcoming release ‘The Hope Song’.   Waterford singer-songwriter Tadhg Williams has had quite the year, pandemic aside. Enjoying the support of Hot Press and RTÉ Radio 1 for the release of his debut single ‘My Father’s Clouds’, coupled with the release […]

Editorial: Sexual Revolution 2.0

Undoubtedly we are living through a second-wave sexual revolution. A revolution of thought, of action and of feeling. In recent years the #MeToo movement has dethroned the powerful and shattered the halls of silence that allowed predators to sadistically wield their arsenal of perversity unchallenged. Silence is both a symptom and an agonist of the […]

The Moralization of Sex in Irish Society – A Conversation with Holly Cairns

TD Holly Cairns has risen to prominence in recent months due to a series of high profile, scalpel-sharp speeches in the Dáil. These speeches resonated with voters far beyond her constituents.  The particular stand out was her devastating speech condemning the government’s inaction on the mother and baby homes. Motley’s Niamh Browne gets to know […]

Touch Starvation – the Sex Lives of UCC Students During COVID-19

The Motley Current Affairs Team have collated the sexiest survey ever performed in UCC because who doesn’t need some statistical sexual voyeurism in their lives right now? Written & compiled by John Hunter and Alana Daly Mulligan.   COVID-19 has impacted our lives in many ways: online learning, reduced travel, restricted gatherings, closed bars and […]

Honour Thy Father: at What Cost?

As part of Motley’s Celebration of International Day, Imasha Costa looks at the notion of honour in South-Asian culture.  Honour. The first thing that might come into your mind would be that of upholding a promise. However, honour holds a deeper meaning within South Asian traditions. Honour, presented by a patriarchal dominance, holds the community […]

Professor’s Pen #1 – a Letter to Dr Mary Ryan

As part of Motley’s celebration of International Women’s Day, we have delved into the rich academic life of our female teachers here in UCC. In this series some of UCC’s most impressive leaders pen letters to Mary Ryan, Ireland and UCC’s first female professor. First up, we have Dr Margaret Steele, lecturer of philosophy. Dear […]

I Love Sex, But My South Asian Culture Would Say Otherwise

Imasha Costa – Editor of Arts and Literature for the UCC Express, lets us in on what it is like exploring the world of sexuality and masturbation as a young woman in a culture that says no.  This should get me berated by my own community, as I am technically not allowed to talk about […]

From Topshop to No Shop: The Decline of a Fashion Retail Giant

Niamh Buckley discusses the recent acquisition of the Topshop brand by prolific online retailer ASOS.   ASOS has taken over Topshop, absorbing it and other brands from the Arcadia group into its corporation. Considering the recent surge in online fashion retail, then this development does not come as a total shock. Personally, I stopped shopping […]

A Letter to Pat Kenny

03/03/2021 Dear Pat, I woke up this morning to day 355 of covid-19 restrictions, the groundhogesque feeling arising through the knots in my stomach and the invisible weight that sits on my chest. The same day to live. Again. And Again. And Again. I opened up my laptop on the desk three feet from the […]