Dakota Access Pipeline: A Dark Chapter in a Grey Area

Eoghan Lordan explains why there are such vehement protests agains the DAPL and surmises that there will continue to be problems A month on from the divisive election of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States, there was further controversy in the US this week, with the announcement that the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) will not now go ahead as planned. The … Continue reading Dakota Access Pipeline: A Dark Chapter in a Grey Area


Interview: Toothless

Latest addition to the Motley Crew, Dylan Murphy, chats with Ed Nash about his daring new venture, Toothless. Failing to check my email and being stuck for time, my first phone interview for Motley admittedly ended up taking place in somewhat unconventional working conditions: the storeroom of Vikki’s Cafe in Sundays Well. While I hovered over my laptop microphone which was perched on a Darina … Continue reading Interview: Toothless


Entertainment Edit: December

Gemma Kent & Julie Hassett talk Plumbers, Assassins and High-Functioning Sociopaths. Assassin’s Creed Leap of Faith Don’t worry video game fans, I share your scepticism whenever Hollywood decides to put their loud stamp on a beloved franchise. World of Warcraft was a surprising success earlier this year so let’s hope it wasn’t an exception to the rule. Either way, brace yourselves: Our time has come. … Continue reading Entertainment Edit: December


Campaigning for Autism Friendly Schools

Homeroom – Campaigning for Autism Friendly Schools Metropole Hotel – Monday December 12th – 7:30pm In 2016 secondary schools in Ireland can groundlessly refuse to set ASD special classes. They can ignore the need and requests from parents, other schools and their SENOs (Special Educational Needs Organiser). This has led to a chronic shortage of places in ASD special classes resulting in a traumatic experience … Continue reading Campaigning for Autism Friendly Schools


Life in Technicolour: The Story of TV Presenter, Ayala

Presenter of Irish TV’s The Ayala Show, Ayala, speaks to Motley about her journey to the small screen and her passion for the arts I have always been so clear on what I wanted in life, but I never would have thought of going into TV and yet here I am working as a TV presenter, and it is such a good fit!  I do believe … Continue reading Life in Technicolour: The Story of TV Presenter, Ayala