Commercial Court Rules in Favour of UCC

Report: Motley Staff

The Commercial Court (Mr Justice Barrett) has today ruled in favour of University College Cork in the action it brought for the benefit of Aviva against the Electricity Supply Board (ESB) for compensation for the flood damage to its property following the extensive flooding of Cork City in November 2009, which infamously caused considerable damage to areas of the University campus.

Glucksman Gallery during 2009 flooding
Glucksman Gallery during 2009 flooding

The University said in an official statement: “UCC believes the response of its staff to the flooding on the night of 19 November 2009 was exemplary and ensured the safety of all staff and students. UCC has full confidence in its staff, in particular in their role in the development of the campus. UCC has put in place significant flood protection works since the 2009 event to enhance the safety of staff and students and the protection of the campus.

“UCC and Aviva would like to thank the Court for the time it has taken in hearing and considering this long-running and complex case. UCC and Aviva will consider the implications of the Court’s decision with its legal team in the coming days. Aviva is committed to promoting awareness of the importance of flood risk management and this ruling provides an important clarification on the obligations of dam operators and property owners in the sphere of flood management. Finally, UCC and Aviva would like to offer their thanks to the staff of UCC for their assistance and co-operation throughout this case.”