In Motley series examining drug use through the lens of poetry, we first have a contribution by Imasha Costa with her melancholic piece ‘15 minutes’


15 minutes


a bump, a high.

loneliness and heartbreak devours me, the fine lines neatly pressed. 15 minutes. 

ecstasy and pleasure; remind me of times i was dancing with you. ‘dancing queen’ plays in the back of my mind; i reminisce stories that we shared in the crawling darkness. 15 minutes. 

a high; i want more, i need more. 

crave, the touch of your broken fingers as i am lifted again. 15 minutes. 

crave more, more of the trill of an invisible touch. 15 minutes. 

the world travelling under the blink of an eye; my heart beats against my rhythm. 15 minutes. pleasure, loneliness consumes me. 

15 minutes. 

subtle quietness but loudness – your laugh echoes. 

15 minutes. 

i start again. your invisible love, present. 

i will not stop – 

15 minutes 

i repeat – feel your invisible touch again. 

By Imasha Costa