5 Different Group Chats You’re Probably In

The Family group chat

It includes everyone from your grandmother to your second cousin, Rodger from England, who you haven’t seen since your first communion – this group chat is usually headed by the self-important matriarch who now thinks she’s the queen of the social media world because she took a selfie with a Snapchat filter back in 2016 and knows what ‘yolo’ and ‘nvm’ means. While you secretly don’t care about the photos your aunt is posting of your 10 year-old cousin at the sports day last week, this group chat proves very useful when you’re travelling or living far away from home, allowing you to keep in touch with the lives of your close and extended family. Plus, the fact that your Granny can use emojis is just too cute.

The ‘Roomies’ group chat

It’s probably the most passive aggressive group chat of them all – this is where your housemates come to voice their concerns about the current state of the kitchen; in fairness, it’s beginning to smell like a microbiology lab, thanks to the putrefying stench wafting from the bins, but they probably haven’t been changed since Week 3. Diplomatic relations aren’t eased by the fact that Aoife is refusing to talk to Siobhán after she used her dressing gown to wipe up sick during an after party last week.

The Holiday group chat

Holidays were meant to be relaxing, but the tension this trip has already created has escalated so much it’s about to turn into a war-scene from Game of Thrones. Nobody can decide on the destination: Berlin will be too cold in January but Copenhagen is too expensive. Are we getting an Airbnb or a hostel? Should we book the flights now, or wait in case Ryanair have a sale? As uncertainties pervade, the only certainty this trip guarantees is the sheer stress its planning will cause.

College course chat

Rhis chat was set up back in first year when exam pressure was at an all-time low, and socialising was at an all-time high. This group’s main function was to allow people to organise nights out or for someone to announce that pre-drinks would be held at theirs. Now, however, the carefree nature of first year is long since gone and this chat is relatively quiet, save for the odd GIF or meme. That is, until, exam time approaches and fears about impending assignments and exams are manifested, causing the chat to become a group counselling session of sorts. There is always the overwrought and anxious few who think their existence to be dependent on the result in this exam; there’ll be the voice of reason who has been studying past exam questions since Week 1 and knows the paper inside out, assuring everyone that it will be fine, followed by the few indifferent ones who post Bob Marley memes in response to the it to the frantic messages about assignment deadlines.

The Work group chat

What could be better than being a part of the same chat as your manager who despises you ever since you spilled the fish bowl all over him at last year’s Christmas party? Conversations in this group rarely digress from the topic of swapping shifts, but you’re enjoying the elaborate excuses being used by your colleagues to try to get the next Bank Holiday off too much to mute it.