A Day in the Life of 2006

Leah Driscoll pens a #TBT to a lifestyle gone by.

Picture this time ten years ago; you have just told 2005 to talk to the hand ‘cause the face ain’t home, and moved on to greet the fresh face of 2006.

The word noughties has most likely not yet been invented, but here you are in the very midst of it. If you identify as a millennial, then this is one of your prime tween years, and a typical day in 2006 went a little something like this.

It’s Monday morning. The alarm of your Motorola Razr phone has just cut short your dream: Chris Brown had invited you up on stage at his concert and was serenading you with an acoustic rendition of Yo! Excuse Me Miss. God, will that guy ever stop being cool? It’s doubtful.

A quick glance at the time shows that you’re running late for school, so you throw on your uniform, roll up your skirt and rush out of the house in a Lacoste ‘Touch of Pink’-scented flash.

The GAA disco was last Saturday night, and it’s all anyone can talk about this morning. Your friends ask if anyone “topped” you and you’re not entirely sure what they mean, so you nod slowly and hope no more questions are asked.

Thankfully the conversation moves swiftly on, as your friend whips out her digital camera so you can all look at the photos from the night. Tara wore the same Swamp dress as you, but it’s okay because in the pictures your legwarmers looked way better with it than hers.

You can’t decide whether you look nicer in the photo where you’re pointing at your pouted lips, or the one in which you’re making a peace sign and looking away from the camera. Either way, you definitely have a new Bebo profile picture there somewhere.

Speaking of Bebo, you remember you have to add that private joke you and Sarah had to the description of your friendship on your profile; no one else will find it funny, HTBT.
You also need to change all the 2k5s to 2k6s- ugh, the New Year is such effort. Your flashbox also needs to be updated to the hilarious Crazy Frog tune that everyone’s playing these days. That ringtone is never going to get old.

Of course, all of this has to wait until you get home from school, because even thinking about using the very limited Internet on your phone would be sure to devour your credit in seconds.

Later, your Mum picks you up from school and reminds you that you’re getting your braces tightened tomorrow. Unable to deal with the thought, you drown out your mother’s reminders with your iPod Nano.

Last night you spent hours downloading the latest songs from Limewire and right now Bad Day by Daniel Powter is the perfect track choice. You jump as Never Gonna Give You Up blares through your earphones instead and, yet again, you experience the pain of being rickrolled.

Your aunt comes over for dinner and boasts about the house in Cyprus she has bought after taking out a 3rd mortgage on her home. “House prices are only going to keep climbing and banks are practically throwing money at people- now is the time to invest in property,” she advises your parents.

They consider this for the next few hours until you grow tired of the Celtic Tiger talk and head to sleep – something the Celtic Tiger will also be doing quite soon.
Another day is done, and as you bury yourself under your High School Musical-themed duvet, you begin to wonder what the future has to offer. Hovercrafts? Robots? Michael Jackson’s comeback?

All of these things are looking more likely than your crush replying to you on MSN, even though you’ve nudged him twice.

No harm done though, the future is sure to hold many more adventures in store and as you drift off to sleep, 2016 becomes closer than ever.

For now, gtgttylilylolxoxoXxX