A/W 19 Fashion Trends


Sarah Collins reveals the top trends of the autumn/winter season. From silhouette to colours, this is your comprehensive guide to the season.

Nothing beats winter dressing. On cold mornings, there’s nothing better than being snuggled up in woolly jumpers, big coats and boots.

As we all know, with a new season comes new fashion trends and whether you want to update your wardrobe or look for a little bit of outfit inspiration with items you already own, these are the top 4 trends of the season.


Why not brighten up those dull cold days on campus by adding a pop of colour to your outfit? Neon is set to be a big trend once again this season, seen at Balenciaga and newcomer Marine Serre. Neon is as daring as it comes for your day-to-day look but can definitely be pulled off by everyone! You might ask, if it’s so easy, how do I pull off this bright trend? For daytime, pair a neon jumper with some trainers and you’re set and ready to go! At night, why not throw on a bright slip dress to dance the night away! Can it get any easier?


This season, the classic beige colour was seen all over the runway. The first thing that springs to mind with beige is stylish Parisian women. People often think beige is quite a boring color, but in fact it’s the opposite. Both women and men are not looking for clothes with big logos across them in today’s world, it’s more about looking chic and sophisticated. There are copious amounts of neutral tones in trench coats, jackets, and shirts this autumn/winter on the high street and from high-end designers. There are endless possibilities when it comes to incorporating beige into your wardrobe this season so you can easily emulate Parisian style.


That’s right ladies: power suits are not going anywhere at all this season. When suits first emerged as a fashion trend for women in the 1980s, they were worn to mirror the men in male-dominated workplaces. But today, as women are assuming high positions in the workplace, they undoubtedly redefine the suit in their own image. The best thing about a suit? They’re functional. They can be styled in so many ways, whether that’s with a t-shirt and trainers, or a camisole and heels. We have seen some badass women pull off the suit trend, from The Duchess of Sussex to Victoria Beckham. Why not join in?


Lace is the definitive fabric of the season. Loved by many for its feminine, romantic and chic qualities, just like the other trends, lace is easy to incorporate into your look and can be worn by everyone. Best paired with a black oversized lace shirt and some leather leggings, or jeans and white trainers. Almost every woman reading this has at least one lace piece in their wardrobe, and if you don’t, get out into town and get yourself one.