Rachel Muckley tells you what you should (really) wear to college

In 2015, most students, as has always been the case, wear what is on trend according to majority rules. Interestingly, this emphasis on style has developed some sort of theoretical handbook on what can and cannot be worn to college. Styling yourself in the latter may result in sideways glances or blatant staring. All very primitive and pessimistic stuff.

For girls, the issue at hand is founded on a hesitation to rekindle past loves of fashion days gone by. For a lot of guys, it is the opposite, with many finding themselves stuck in a tried and tested zip-up and jeans combo and nervous about moving away from that.

Here at Motley, we are more inclined to believe that people should be free to wear whatever they want, regardless if it fits the ‘student’ dress code. Below are a few stylish items that will make you reconsider what you thought you couldn’t wear to college.

Maxi that dress

Maxi dresses belong to the summer. And summer belongs to them. But what should you do with it come September? Lock it up? Leave it all alone and shivering in the dark? Oh no, people! Maxis, in particular the ones made with heavier material and block colours, can be worn all year round. Pair them with a denim or leather jacket and you’re good to go.

Snap back to the cap

Snapbacks are all the rage these days. So much so, we’d nearly forgotten about our beloved 90s baseball cap. Guys, girls, babies, my granny….they look cute on everyone. Wear backwards with acid-washed jeans for extra urban street credit.

Jagger Shirts

Think sequence, think flamingo print, think outrageous and fabulous. They’re just so cool!

Manhattan (below the knee) skirts

The mini skirt is a well-earned classic at this stage but, it has to be said, longer skirts (the fitted and Blake Lively-esque ones) look just as stylish. With winter truly on the way, we need one asap.

Hair accessories

The whole theory behind 2015 style is perfected minimalism with some geometric use of black. Hair styles follow suit with the effortless, soft waves look remaining the most desirable. Therefore hair accessories are definitely on the down-low but we’re not too sure why. Headbands, scarves and chains may just prove to be the perfect accessory to your college outfit.

Things. Trench 1

In the trenches

It has come to our attention that there are far too few trench coats floating around campus. Far too few! In particular, it’s the guys who tend to fear it the most, instead taking the safer route of the zip-up sports jacket. We say, liberate your torment over winter coats. Live free, live confident, live hypothetically in the trench.

Sweat the small stuff

Let’s face it, jeans and leather can be uncomfortable and not at all leisurely. So if you want to wear your favourite hoody or sweat pants, go ahead. While sweat gear has been phased out of campus attire in UCC over the past few years, we reckon it’s very, very ok to to wear them. Yes, we’re also subtly referencing the printed legging.

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