Body Modification for the Public Eye: Bop or Flop?

[T.W Body Image Issues / Fatphobia Mentioned] Deputy Fashion Editor Sinéad McKeown grapples with the complex relationship between the condemnation of plastic surgery and the damnation of not being the beauty standard.     The rise of tabloid journalism can be traced back to the early 1900s, and since then we have seen a huge […]

How ‘The Last of Us’ Series Does Dystopia Correctly- A World In Fear of Fungi

Jessica Anne Rose examines the popular video game series The Last of Us and how it engages with its dystopian environment.     Dystopia is a common setting for a lot of video games, novels and movies, and can easily feel overdone or copied. Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us gets it right, however. It […]

The hidden consequences of the EU anti-deforestation policy on the economically disadvantaged

Ronan Keohane discusses the economic and political consequences anti-deforestation policy approved by the European Council in light of recent events and proposes possible refinements to the policy which would lessen these consequences Ever since the industrial revolution, there has been a large number of ways that humanity has contributed to the degradation of our soils […]

Mushrooms in Folklore and Fairytales

Contributing writer Jessica Anne Rose explores the wonderful world of mushrooms in Irish mythology, literature and the cottagecore aesthetic. In many illustrations of mythical creatures such as fairies, you will often find red and white speckled mushrooms accompanying them. This easily identifiable ‘fly agaric’ mushroom has made its way into mainstream fashion thanks to the […]

Photoshoot: Mushrooms

  Credits:   Photographer: David Quinn @_quinnteresting_    Models: Jessica O Brien @jessicannerose Aoife Allen @aoifeallen_   Hair:  Aoife King @aoifeking_hair   Makeup: Annawen @annawen35   Jewellery: Saltwater Design @saltwater_design  

A Discussion About The Netflix Original “Have a Good Trip”

Deputy Editor, Lisa Ahern, explores Netflix’s mind-bending documentary while comparing it with previous not so opened-minded media based commentary on psychedelics.    Have you ever seen the short documentaries that they used to show kids, where they crack an egg open and carry on explaining how “this is your brain on drugs”. Well, Donick Cary […]