Beyond the walls of the Tbilisi Public Services Hall Building: Georgia trapped in the margins of Russian Expansionism and increasing Western alignment

Current Affairs Editor Ronan Keohane highlights the Georgian political institutions which lie in the centre of a politically liminal Georgia in the face of present day Russian expansionism and plausible EU and NATO membership.   The Public Services hall building in Tbilisi, Georgia (often nicknamed the “Mushroom building” by locals and tourists alike due to […]

The Gospel According to Shiitake

Contributing writer Seán Dunne discusses the wonders of fungi and why mushrooms are the future.   I once had a friend who told me that mushrooms were the future. It seemed like such an unlikely thing to say that I started saying it myself. Through the open corridors of life I screamed and screamed and […]

The Rise of Mushroom Fashion

Fashion editor Justine Lepage believes there’s something to be said of the aesthetic of mushrooms. These plants/creatures/none of the above look very distinct from any other living thing, but also very different from one another. The fashion industry has always been inspired by natural elements, but the place of mushrooms as the ‘it-girl’ inspiring the […]

Autumnal Books But Rated By Mushrooms

Deputy Entertainment Editor, Chloe Barrett, recommends the perfect reads for Autumn, but rates them out of mushrooms instead of stars.   The autumn weather wraps itself around you like a scarf, students stroll by wearing the cosiest jumpers, and a lovely cup of hot chocolate awaits you when you return home. What is missing from […]

The Promise of Mycelium for Ensuring Sustainable Development

Contributing writer Leah Moynihan looks at ways in which mycelium can be used as a replacement for various different environmentally harmful materials in light of the ongoing climate crisis.    Imagine a future where you never have to open a package full of polystyrene again. Imagine a future where our plastics no longer contain crude […]

Other Voices: Bringing it All Back Home

Fashion editor Justine Lepage takes us through the live recording of Other Voices -Bringing it Back Home. She tells us about the bunch of class acts that were on and the live TV experience.   I remember watching Other Voices for the first time in 2020, my housemates and I had made a little movie […]