No Old Bar, No Holds Barred – Motley Opinion

This article has been updated in response to new information provided by the UCC SU president. Yesterday, the UCC Students Union revealed a press release that marked the public announcement of the closure of the Old Bar, and the start of a campaign by UCCSU, the Societies Guild and the Clubs Executive, in opposition to the […]


Colm Cahalane asks if the new social media is eroding the effectiveness of traditional media on campus. Note: This article was edited on 20th February 2016 following the arrival of new information. The campus radio station stays tucked away on the top floor of Áras Na Mac Leinn, and on the ground floor the staff […]

Inside the Student Hub

Colm Cahalane documents exciting and promising developments with UCC’s newest building. In previous articles for Motley Magazine, I’ve spoken about a lack of resources available to students for access to creative spaces and in access to IT services. With the construction of the new Student Hub, UCC hopes to be able to resolve a few […]

Broken Codes & Keys

There’s a certain theme uniting many of students’ common concerns on campus; but no easy solution. It’s unfortunate how universities are structured; their maintenance and operation is an incredibly difficult balancing act that takes into account all sorts of stakeholders. However, it seems so often that the interests of students are shelved during the search […]

Sparks – a look at creative spaces on campus

This week, UCC sent out an email that does seem ever so slightly out of place. It doesn’t take a genius to find out how, considering the subject line reads “Drop Out & Start Up”. It takes a little while to understand why the university would drive its students away. As someone who’s been floating […]

Netsoc unveils new societies website “Lowdown”

The Networking, Gaming and Technology Society (Netsoc) today unveiled a new website for helping students keep track of society events. Named Lowdown and located at, this website provides a number of useful services relating to societies including a weekly email newsletter, integrations with phone calendars, and the option to filter these features by students’ favourite […]