A/W 2015: MakeUp Trends Edit

Jennifer Shanahan compiles a guide of this season’s new makeup looks


Autumn/winter makeup is associated with darker shades, often reds and browns, along with plum and berry tones.
This is an obvious departure to the more natural colours we often gravitate towards in the spring and summer months. The seasonal transition is often most clearly seen in the changing trends in lip colour, and this year is no exception. This autumn, makeup artists are favouring intensely dark shades with some even testing the marketing waters with various shades of black. Many highstreet brands have released lipstick shades in line with this trend, with subtly blue toned plums, and quite bright purples taking the top position as AW’s iconic, must-have lip colour.
Maybelline is an example of such, taking the opportunity to invest in an entire range of colours under the classification of “plums” with their Colour Sensational line (available in Boots, as well as other makeup stockists, for €9.99). When using a dark lipstick, gloss or liquid lipstick, it is always advisable to precede it with a similar Autumn. Lips. Maybelline Colour sensational range Press shotcoloured lip liner, as any mistakes made with a darker shade will be more obvious as well as often being difficult to remove neatly.


Not too many surprises in this year’s autumn go-to eye makeup. One thing to note is an increased use of blending when using eye-shadows. Thorough blending has always been an important part of eye-shadow application, this technique is being used in overdrive these days, with anything applied along or above the crease being blended out until it’s just a subtle, smoked out hint of colour.
Typical shades seen this season are rich browns along with anything with a warmer tone, such as rust or copper shades. Metallic eye-shadows are also popular; gold being a must-have.
Autumn. Eyes. look 2Bold eyeliner has also made its long awaited comeback. Black, winged liner adds plenty of drama that looks really beautiful in contrast to the blended out eye-shadow. For precision, I like to use a felt-tip liner, but they can sometimes dry out quickly, or not give a true-opaque black intensity. Alternatively, gel liner can be used, which involves application with a brush, allowing for accuracy, but at the cost of the brush becoming dry and useless over time. The best option if you want opacity of colour is liquid liner, but it takes some practice to master this method of application.


Autumn’s response to the summer’s much (perhaps over)-loved trends of contouring and “strobing” is pretty much to scrap the whole lot. Blusher has taken over, with barely-there pink and peachy shades being used to create a natural, wintery, just-in-from-the-cold look.
While many of us are not quite ready to let go of the magic that is contouring and highlighting, we’ll definitely be adding a touch of peach blusher to our morning routine. My go-to brand for blush is Bourjois (available in Boots, with all blush products costing around €10). Their shade 74 Rose Amber is a beautiful matte peach shade that will look Autumn. Face. Bourjois blushes press shotamazing with this autumn’s other trends.
Blush application is slightly differently this season, with it being applied up along the cheekbone for a really natural look. If you’re a diehard fan of highlighting, my suggestion would be to choose a blush that has a sheen to it, such as Bourjois’ shade 95 Jasper Rose, a lovely soft pink that has a gorgeous glow to it.