Bia with Ciara

Motley’s newest recruit and wannabe UCC student Ciara O’Sullivan shares with us plebs her cheesey cooking show level recipes. Save this page for when she’s famous lads.

Nutella Hot Chocolate

As the winter sets in and the evenings are cold, what better way to cheer yourself up than with a twist on an old winter favourite! Quick and effortless to make, Nutella Hot Chocolate is not only a councillor in a mug, but one made with chocolate and hazelnuts! Let’s face it, January is just plain monotonous. So after a session at the gym, reward yourself by swapping the Nectarines for Nutella and ease yourself into the New Year.


▪      250 mls. Cow’s Milk per serving – I chose whole milk but you can use semi-skimmed or low-fat (But where’s the fun in that?!)

▪      2 tbs. Nutella

▪      2tbs. drinking chocolate (I use Cadbury’s but it’s up to you)

▪      Chocolate sauce

▪      White chocolate shavings


▪      Measuring jug

▪      Tall glass

▪      Wooden spoon

▪      Medium pot

▪      Tablespoon

▪      Sieve


  1. 1.      Measure out the milk using the measuring jug.
  2. 2.      Heat the milk slowly, in the pot. Do not boil or heat too quickly as the milk will split, and you’ll end up with lumps, this is especially true with low-fat milk.
  3. 3.      When the milk is hot, add the drinking chocolate and slowly stir with a wooden spoon into the milk.
  4. 4.      When the drinking chocolate is dissolved, add the Nutella and stir slowly until melted.
  5. 5.      Sieve the milk if any lumps won’t dissolve, to make it extra-smooth.
  6. 6.      Dribble some chocolate sauce around the inside of the glass making sure to cover the bottom and sides.
  7. 7.      Pour your creation into the glass!
  8. 8.      Sprinkle with lots of white chocolate shavings. 

Sit back and let the counselling session begin.