Recently Deputy Features editor Sarah O’Mahony sent James and David on a blind date to Alchemy café, Barracks Street. On route they faced the aftermath of the tornado that hit the street that week but were met by the lovely Bev once inside. Will it be a whirlwind romance for the pair or a cold front to the friend zone? David is a 20 year old Arts student from Waterford and James is a 20 year old English student from East Cork. 

What were you looking for from the date? 

(D) I thought it would be interesting and didn’t have any expectations – my friend also convinced me to do it (you know who you are).

(J) I suppose I was just looking for a new experience. The idea of the blind date just sounded fun, I wasn’t expecting too much going into it and thought that anything that comes out of it would just be a bonus.

What was your first impression of them? 

(D) Kind – he seemed sweet and bubbly so it wasn’t awkward at all really. 

(J) I thought David at first seemed really nice and approachable. When I walked over to say hello, he was very open straight away and dispelled my nerves about how the date would go right away. 

What did you talk about? 

(D) We talked about a lot of different things – a good bit about college and our interests, as well as Cork nightlife, and some housemate drama s. 

(J) We kind of talked about a bit of everything. We obviously had a lot in common both being in second year of college. Then moved from there onto hobbies and then spent a while sharing funny stories from bad nights out. 

Cringiest moment of the date? 

(D) Not being able to eat because of my retainers.

(J) Probably when I was thinking I would get a parking ticket after the date because I left the car in a dodgy spot. 

One thing you had in common?

(D) Adele.

(J) We both love Adele. I’ll be surprised if his cringiest moment of the date isn’t when I went on about my obsession with her for too long. 

How long was the date? 

(D) Around two hours.

(J) We were together for the bones of two hours I’d say.

Did you guys go somewhere else after? 

(D) No.

(J) We didn’t go anywhere else afterwards. 

Would you introduce them to your friends? 

(D) Yes I would introduce him to my friends. He was very pleasant and receptive so I think my friends would get on well with him. 

(J) I would. I think they would like his energy.

What do you think they thought of you?

(D) I really don’t know. I think we got on well but it may not be any more than that. 

(J) I hope he thought I was nice. My fear before the date was that I would shut down because of nerves or something like that, and there were times where I was panicking about what to say next. He was really good at keeping the conversation going so hopefully that didn’t get in the way of his opinion too much.

Final impression of them? 

(D) Again, he was really bubbly, with a humorous personality, and very comfortable to have a chat with. 

(J) Overall I thought David was a really lovely fella. 

Would you meet them again?

(D) Yes. I think we got on well and had a natural conversation. It was possibly hard to tell the vibes of any connection romantically just because of the setting but I would be willing to see him again. 

(J) I would. I think we get on well and would be good as friends for sure.