Canon EOS Rebel t4i Review – Is it worth your money?

Canon_Rebel_T4i_08_35329243_620x433Although there are a lot of different cameras on the market, the Canon EOS Rebel t4i is a prime example of the saying “you get what you pay for”. While the $1,110 price tag might seem a bit steep to some, it is truly worth every penny spent. This camera is able to record video as well as take still photos, both of which have amazing quality. Both professionals and novice photographers will most likely find this camera to be well worth the investment.

Photo Quality

As stated above, the photo quality that this camera is capable of is quite impressive, with 18.0 megapixels and high-speed continuous shooting which allows the user to take pictures up to 5.0 fps. Those who have used the previous versions of this camera will noticed a significant improvement in photo quality, which is perhaps one of this camera’s best points. Most people who are looking to buy a new camera will be most concerned with the quality of the photos it takes, and this one certainly does not disappoint.


Those who use this camera will notice that the sequential shooting is considerably fast, allowing for several JPEG photos to be taken within just 0.3 seconds. This number jumps to 0.8 seconds when flash is turned on. While it’s true that this camera can snap off pictures fairly quick, it does tend to have problems with moving objects. Going as slow as 2 fps when capturing moving objects, the t4i falls a little short in this respect.

Complex Functions

There are a number of modes which you will be able to switch to with this camera, including the Scene Intelligent Auto Mode. Even though the name might seem a little bit intimidating to novice photographers, it is really actually quite simple to use. When this setting is turned on, the camera creates the most ideal exposure for the environment in which the photo is taken. This is just one of the many different modes which users will be find quite interesting if not useful when taking pictures.

Built-in GPS

One particular feature which must be mentioned is the built-in GPS receiver which is able to log specific details as to where each picture was taken, down to the latitude and longitude of the exact area. This will be an especially great feature for those who want to know when each picture they snap was taken and where they were while taking it.

Overall Conclusion

Although there are some things which have remained the same from this camera’s predecessors, there have also been a number of improvements made. Those who are looking to get a camera that will take high quality photos and offers a wide range of functions/mode options will certainly want to look into this one. Canon EOS Rebel t4i has all the bells and whistles on it, providing its users with the best possible photographing as well as video recording experience. There are very  few cameras which are so complex yet relatively simple to use for the average person.

My name is Nicky .I was raised on a farm in rural Western Australia. Photography and pictures have always been a big part of my life.