Bitcoin: An Enigma?

Deputy Current Affairs Editor Aditi Udayabhaskar explores the cryptic currency that is bitcoin. Only a hermit living in a dark cave could have missed the story that Bitcoin hit $10,000 in December. Many of us know precious little about the bitcoin – that it is a cryptocurrency, and pretty valuable at that, is common knowledge at this point. But do we know its history, and … Continue reading Bitcoin: An Enigma?


 By Aditi Udayabhaskar Christmas is a time for family, friends and lots of love. We often take our cushy, warm homes for granted during the festive season, but seldom do we spare a moment to consider those less fortunate than us – why would we, anyway? After all, the media is so very selective in the content it showcases. We are privy only to a … Continue reading WHAT ABOUT US? THE MEDIA’S FORGOTTEN STORIES

Big Data: Big Fear?

Where should we draw the line with data analytics, asks Aditi Udayabhaskar We know all too well the spiral of a YouTube spree – just one video, you think, until you find yourself watching advertisements on Brennan’s bread some two hours later thinking, how did I get here? Yep, we can all relate. Whilst this is a great way to procrastinate, it also is a subtle … Continue reading Big Data: Big Fear?