The Gender Health Gap

Despite our standard of healthcare constantly evolving and improving, Sarah O’Mahony shines a light on the knowledge deficits suffered by women at the hands of the medical world. Inequality across borders When you think of gender inequality in healthcare, your mind may land on images of women and girls in poorer countries. You see emotive […]

Begin Belong and Become at UCC

UCC’s unique Graduate Attributes Programme is a highly transformative, student-centric suite of initiatives which will help you to successfully navigate your transition in to, through and out of UCC, enabling you to begin, belong and become the person you want to be! This programme will prepare you to live, learn and lead in a shared, […]

Bystander Collab

by Stephen Moynihan On behalf of the Motley team, it is my delight to bring you the first article in our collaboration with UCC’s Bystander Intervention Programme. It is the hope of both parties that this partnership will raise the profile of the Bystander Intervention Programme within the student body, lead to a greater number […]

You Can Only See The Trees, but Not the Forest: Is the International Response to North Korea Sufficient? 

Luke O’Connell looks at the Western response to North Korea and how the superpowers use laughter and mockery to cover-up a Western intervention gone horribly wrong.  You can only see the trees, but not the forest. A Korean proverb that applies to the situation there since 1950 and even before that. We often see the […]

“Cork boi!”, Stanley Notte releases spoken word piece on the city’s experience of COVID-19

Cork-based artist Stanley Notte’s recently released piece of spoken word is a powerful but humorous reflection of Cork’s experience of the COVID-19 pandemic. Featuring language familiar to any Corkonian, delivered over a version of “Ghost Town” by The Specials, “Cork, Boi! Nothing But A Ghost Town” is bound to be a hit with those who […]

From Wheat to Weed – Diversifying Farming in Canada

by Célio Fioretti Célio Fioretti talks with Because You Cann founder Serena Donovan about how she went from growing canola to cannabis as a result of Canada’s legalisation of marijuana.  Serena Donovan is a farmer, and on the property she runs with her husband Ian near Vulcan in rural Alberta, a new greenhouse has been […]