Éamonn Grennan talks with psychology lecturer Dr. Conor Linehan about gearing up UCC’s new students for evolving working environments Like so many banking branches or donut shop outlets tussling for your attention on these city streets, third-level institutes show their courses in a way that makes them seem more competitive, useful, better. Whether you’re an undergrad, postgrad or non-student, you’ll likely be able to recall … Continue reading SuperGraduates

The Director’s Cut ‘Final Girls’, Representation, and the Horror Genre

Horror movies are allegories for contemporary society, writes Craig Hourihan – what does this mean for those left out of the script? “Cinema is a matter of what’s in the frame, and what’s out.” – Martin Scorsese Every year, once the leaves start to turn brown, I prepare myself for the onslaught of upcoming horror movies (pun intended). To be quite frank, I adore horror. … Continue reading The Director’s Cut ‘Final Girls’, Representation, and the Horror Genre

Interview: Wolf Alice

Audrey Murphy talks to Wolf Alice’s Theo Ellis about the band’s recent successes and plans for the future Wolf Alice, an alternative rock band, were initially a two-piece, but are now finding their full form as a group of four. They originally hail from Northern London, and have been leaping from strength to strength in the last few years. From Glastonbury to Grammy nominations, movie … Continue reading Interview: Wolf Alice

Love in the Time of Followers

Staff writer Cormac Dineen offers up his take on our complicated relationship with the world of internet dating. A few months ago, I had an interesting conversation with a work colleague during which I pressed him for his opinion on the phenomenon of internet dating. As we talked I saw him slowly and deliberately scroll through Facebook on his phone, pausing at brief intervals to … Continue reading Love in the Time of Followers

Album Reviews: Ciaran Lavery, Flat Out and Kim Hayden

Ciaran Lavery, Let Bad In  Review: Carmel Horgan “We go waltzing through the past/ Everything is made to last” Over a year since his previous release, the album Let Bad In, Ciaran Lavery is back with a new track called ‘Everything is made to Last’. His music is commonly described as heart–on-sleeve acoustic pop, and these tones can be heard throughout the song.   After … Continue reading Album Reviews: Ciaran Lavery, Flat Out and Kim Hayden

Super Mario Bros Deluxe

By Julie Hassett I think everyone has met the Super Mario Bros at some stage. Mario, the loveable Italian plumber has jumped into our lives numerous times over the years since his first appearance in Nintendo’s Mario Bros back in the ‘80s. For many gamers, including myself, Super Mario Bros Deluxe (the 1985 GameBoy version) was one of the first games to get us hooked. … Continue reading Super Mario Bros Deluxe

The Return of Rick and Morty Season 3

By Isobel Creedon Adult Swim – home of not-suitable-for-kids animation Rick and Morty – certainly likes to make its viewers wait. With the last episode of Season 2 airing in 2015, fans of the show were soon learning (or hoping) that patience is a virtue, good things do come to those who wait, and similar adages that make people feel better when they’re not getting … Continue reading The Return of Rick and Morty Season 3