Societies Spotlight: Issue 2

  Societies Spotlight Welcome! Here’s Societies Spotlight #2! Again, we have so many activities happening over the next few weeks! Don’t be afraid to get involved with our societies here in UCC. With exams coming up, it’s great to take a break and try something new. Time flies when you’re in college, so it is important to make the most of it while you can!  … Continue reading Societies Spotlight: Issue 2

The Cartoon I never knew I needed.

  Barra O’Drisceoil talks about the new Cartoon Network show Infinity Train and how it tackles mature themes. In 2016, Cartoon Network launched a pilot episode for a show called Infinity Train on their YouTube channel. The popularity of this pilot was so massive (reaching almost 5 million views), the cry from fans to make it into a regular scheduled show on the network was … Continue reading The Cartoon I never knew I needed.

A Week In My Wardrobe: Suits

The second edition of Fashion Editor Paul McLauchlan’s monthly column sees him wear a suit to college every day for a week to see how students respond to seeing formalwear amongst the more casual, conventional styles worn on campus .  For my second wardrobe experiment, I wanted to wear a suit to college for a week.   To those that know me, this won’t come … Continue reading A Week In My Wardrobe: Suits

A/W 19 Fashion Trends

  Sarah Collins reveals the top trends of the autumn/winter season. From silhouette to colours, this is your comprehensive guide to the season. Nothing beats winter dressing. On cold mornings, there’s nothing better than being snuggled up in woolly jumpers, big coats and boots. As we all know, with a new season comes new fashion trends and whether you want to update your wardrobe or … Continue reading A/W 19 Fashion Trends