Little Shop Of Horrors

Adam Burke recommends a horror that even the most  faint of heart can enjoy this Halloween. With Halloween fast approaching, everybody is searching for a good horror film to watch. But maybe you’re like me and hate being scared senseless. Maybe you’d rather watch something a bit more light-hearted. Perhaps even a musical horror? If you stopped reading at the word “musical”, let me change … Continue reading Little Shop Of Horrors

The Night He Came Home

With the upcoming release of Blumhouse Pictures’ “Halloween” sequel/remake, Jerome Kelleher takes a look back on the franchise that propelled the horror genre into the mainstream and how the influence of John Carpenter’s original still resonates through the industry today. The era of the ‘60s and ‘70s was a tumultuous period for the horror genre. Long gone were the glory days of Boris Karloff and … Continue reading The Night He Came Home

All Tvvins Interview

The Dublin duo All Tvvins have been fast entering the acclaimed title of household name since they shot into the Irish charts in 2016. It’s been two years since the band, elsewhere known as Conor Adams and Lar Hayes, released their debut self-titled album IIVV. The album features some show-stopping tunes, and unforgettable bangers, like ‘Darkest Ocean’, ‘Book’ and ‘Crash’. Since then, they’ve been continuing … Continue reading All Tvvins Interview

Autumn Skincare 101

Deputy Fashion Editor, Sophie Malone shares her advice on how to keep your skin in tip-top condition this autumn. Cosy dark evenings, bright orange leaves scattered on the footpaths, autumn is officially here! While I love the reappearance of dark lippy, pumpkin spiced lattes and everything else this wonderful time of year brings, the temperature drop doesn’t do many favours for our skin. Not to … Continue reading Autumn Skincare 101

Taking Back Horror; The Infamous Figure of Grendel in Beowulf

Could Hollywood horror directors learn a thing or two from Anglo-Saxon literature? Rosemary Kelly discusses. Horror is defined as a literary genre that arouses feelings of horror; read deeper and horror is understood as “an intense feeling of fear, shock or disgust”. Modern horror tropes include gore-filled, jump scare-reliant movies that pocket billions in cinema ticket sales or views on Netflix. A rare treasure is … Continue reading Taking Back Horror; The Infamous Figure of Grendel in Beowulf