The Promise of Mycelium for Ensuring Sustainable Development

Contributing writer Leah Moynihan looks at ways in which mycelium can be used as a replacement for various different environmentally harmful materials in light of the ongoing climate crisis.    Imagine a future where you never have to open a package full of polystyrene again. Imagine a future where our plastics no longer contain crude […]

Other Voices: Pretty Happy Interview

Motley’s Features and Opinions Editor Édith de Faoite and Fashion Editor Justine Lepage interview Cork-based band Pretty Happy. They discuss the Cork music scene, politics in the art-punk genre and their love of stuffed mushrooms.    As a proud Kerry woman, nothing warms my heart more than hearing praise for my home county. When we […]

Other Voices: Bringing it All Back Home

Fashion editor Justine Lepage takes us through the live recording of Other Voices -Bringing it Back Home. She tells us about the bunch of class acts that were on and the live TV experience.   I remember watching Other Voices for the first time in 2020, my housemates and I had made a little movie […]

Other Voices UCC: Interview with SOAK

Motley’s Editor-in-Chief Niamh Browne sits down with singer-songwriter Bridie Monds Watson to get into the nitty-gritty of the creative process, a united Ireland and of course, mushrooms. Performing in the Aula Maxima might be a strange one for Bridie Monds Watson but Other Voices isn’t: ‘Other Voices was the first big thing where I felt […]

Tones’ Deaf

Contributor Shane McCormack delves into the controversy everyone’s talking about on Twitter; the Irish Women’s football team locker room celebrations and how it’s unfairly overshadowed their remarkable achievements. He suggests that some songs might be due to be shelved.    It was an amazing night. A ‘Reeling In The Years’ moment. It will be remembered […]

Photoshoot: Belles of the County Down

  The Paul Mescalification of O’ Neill’s shorts: from GAA to Gucci   Photographer: Alana Daly Mulligan @alana_d_m_   Models: Darragh Hernan @darraghhernan Luca O’Halloran @ohalloranluca Aida O’Callaghan   Martín Mendiburu @tinmendiburu   Producing and styling: Justine Lepage Sinéad McKeown   Clothes: Nine Crows Vintage @ninecrowscork   Jewellery: Necklaces courtesy of Azure Jewellery @azurejewellery