United by the Most Heinous of Crimes

As the country still attempts to come to terms with the shocking killing of primary school teacher Ashling Murphy in Tullamore, Current Affairs Editor Conor Daly looks at how this event has brought the country together and how it could change our society going forward.   “She was going for a run”. This is the […]

Acknowledging Past and Present Failings in Women’s Healthcare in Ireland for a Better System

With this being Cervical Cancer Awareness month, Sarah O’Mahony speaks to Emer Connolly and Jodi Moloney who tell their own stories and discuss how the HSE should move forward.   Emer is a UCC student from Cork who in February 2021 was diagnosed with early stage cervical cancer and began treatment to stop it’s progression […]

Falling Down the Rabbit Hole: How Internet Personalities drive Anti-Vax Propaganda

With an ongoing societal discussion taking place concerning the legitimacy of the media we consume, Luke O’Connell talks to Motley about the role of influential figures in the spread of disinformation to the general public.   Anti-vaxxers have become one of the largest beneficiaries in the new age of disinformation. With wild conspiracies flying around […]

A Casual Drink or a Problem? The Impact of Alcohol on Health

In light of the new pricing system for alcohol in Ireland, Deputy Current Affairs Editor Natalia Karolina Gawlas discusses the role of alcohol in Irish society.   Content Warning: Alcohol Abuse   The recent introduction of Ireland’s Minimum Unit Pricing (MUP) plan has significantly raised the price of alcohol on every shelf of Irish shops […]

Ireland and its [lack of] International compliance with Mental Health Law

With mental health becoming an ever-growing talking point within the public sphere, Deputy Current Affairs Editor Natalia Karolina Gawlas looks at the legislative gap between the Irish legislation and the International standards of Mental Health Law. Enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is the “right to a standard of living,” which among its […]

a woman wearing leather outfit near stage

How we see a Night Out

Sam Golden reflects on the importance of socialisation and how the covid-era has forced us to consider the true importance of a good night out.   In the last decade, the fixated idea of a night has almost become a cross between cultism and ancient tradition. Whether it be the Monday Club or a weekend […]