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Deputy Fashion Editor Sinéad McKeown talks how social media has created trend cycles of indigenous clothing.   Throughout history, we can see how fashion has progressed and changed as a result of world wide influence. Since the creation of Facebook by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004 and the launch of social media platforms, the world has […]

Ukraine: The Prospect of Partition

Contributing Writer Conor Hogan discusses the ongoing Russo-Ukrainian war and examines the potential division of the country.   Ukraine has, for the entirety of its existence, been a region of permanent contention with ever changing borders. The Russian offensive has not been the Blitzkrieg that had been expected, and the Ukrainian forces seem to be […]

The people that are benefiting from climate induced migration

Leah Moynihan offers a chilling insight into the climate migration crisis.   Imagine having to watch helplessly as your family’s crops slowly start to die. Each day, you gaze out the window and they get browner until they shrivel up and disappear. There is no water; the drought has affected everyone. Your family grows thinner […]

Maximalist fashion; alternative culture or mainstream trend?

Justine Lepage takes us through the history and influences of maximalism, the over-the-top style popularised by TikTok, where pattern-clashing and chunky accessories meet flashy colours and unusual silhouettes.   This summer, maximalism has been on everyone’s lips in the fashion world. Many attribute the emergence of this exuberant style to the nihilistic post-lockdown mood that […]

The End of Outlaw Cowboys in Red Dead Redemption

Deputy Entertainment editor Chloe Barrett writes about Red Dead Redemption 2, and how it approaches the end of the cowboy era, alongside its portrayal of indigenous people. Over the summer, I spent my hard-earned wages on a PlayStation 5. Do I regret it in any way? Absolutely not. I got the opportunity to play some […]

The Leaving Generation: Why another up and coming cohort will inevitably flock to greener pastures.

Contributing wrtier Áine Feeney remarks on recent events and highlights how various negative policies in the Irish economy contributes to high emigration and brain drain   As Irish people, emigration is woven into the fabric of our history. Famines, recessions and successive government failures have scattered Irish people to other nations such as England, America […]