Bigger Tunes, Bigger Parties: Staff Party on Musical Identity, Community and Plans for ’23

Staff Writer Emily Mary Dollery interviews Staff Party. Formed in late 2021 at MTU Cork School of Music, six-piece indie rock band Staff Party have gone from strength to strength since their first sold-out gig in April 2022. Staff Party are characterised by their energetic live performances, nostalgic yet innovative fusion of indie and dance-punk, […]

Marie and the Supremes: 

Motley’s Editor in Chief Niamh Browne speaks to Justice Marie Baker on her time in UCC, her career as a barrister and her role as the first woman from Munster to sit on the Irish Supreme Court.  Justice Baker is an exceptional individual, as anyone who sits on Ireland’s highest court is assumed to be. […]

The Istanbul Convention and What It Means for Women’s Rights

Motley Staff Writer Ava Somers delves deep into what the Istanbul Convention is. Content warning: This article contains discussions of domestic violence, violence against women, gender-based violence, sexual assault and rape which readers may find distressing. The Convention on Preventing and Combatting Violence Against Women and Domestic Violence, better known as the Istanbul Convention, was […]

A conversation on fashion sustainability and activism with Taryn de Vere

Artist, journalist, activist and joy-bringer Taryn de Vere met with fashion editor Justine Lepage for a chat on all things sustainability, gender identity, Lidl uniforms, activism, and dream tv upcycling show. If Taryn de Vere describes themselves as a “joy-bringer”, that is because that label succinctly encompasses the many occupations (about 39!) and passions they […]

Editorial V- Vagina Monologues

Niamh Browne – Editor in Queef   Aristotle once defined woman as a ‘deficient man’. That she was somehow hollow, empty or lacking something fundamental of the qualities that man possessed. This quality of lacking meant she was inferior. The origin and structure of patriarchy is long, complicated and disputed but there is no doubt […]

Poetry- Us On College Road

By Paul Dylan Pink, blue sky of College Road tunnels through my mind,rows of houses joined togetheras a modern retro paradise. Walls are down when we are just ourselves.Without rent, blade, you’ll slice a grapefruit,show me inside. Babe, my tranquil eyes stream over your back like twilit rainbows. In the dark tunnel of blue faces […]