Ireland After the 8th

Jack Coughlan analyses the political consequences for Ireland in a land post-Repeal. “Mark my word, this is the vengeance of the lord” proclaims Father Ray Peterson to his congregation in Glenwood, Colorado, claiming that Ireland’s summer heatwave is a result of the abolition of the 8th amendment. Ireland is burning in hell according to the […]

Nope to the Pope? – The Hottest Ticket in Town

A number of months ago, the Vatican announced that Pope Francis would visit Ireland this year. Since then it has been clear that we are in many ways a nation divided by age, ideology and unspeakable hurt. After years of horrifying revelations of abuse and misconduct, Ireland’s constitutional and cultural relationship with the Catholic Church […]

The Boom is Back. Apparently

Evin Ryan takes a look at the skyrocketing price of student housing in Cork.


By Jacqueline Murphy, In Memory Of The Late Emma Hannigan Earlier this week, we learned of the tragic passing of one of Ireland’s most loved authors Emma Hannigan, having fiercely battled breast cancer for over 11 years since her diagnose at the age of just 34. A few years previously, she learned that she was […]

Friends of the Irish Environment

Eli Dolliver meets the Cork-based organisation As we march into February, it’s been over four months since the Cork based organisation, , obtained permission from the High Court to proceed its lawsuit against the Government of Ireland. On what grounds, you might ask? The answer is simple. The Government of Ireland has failed to act […]

Misinterpreting the Eight: What you don’t know about the Eighth Amendment

By Seamus Allen It is September, 1983. Following the referendum of that month, many exhausted pro-life campaigners are lamenting their defeat. Lamenting their defeat, because what is now Article 40.3.3 of the Irish constitution- also known as the Eighth Amendment’= – had successfully been approved by the Irish people, despite significant pro-life opposition. To some, this […]