Irish Mental Health; Moving in the Right Direction?

DEPUTY CURRENT AFFAIRS EDITOR FIONA HUGHES DISCUSSES IRISH MENTAL HEALTH IN 2017 CONSIDERING THE IMPACT OF LAST YEAR’S CONTROVERSIES “Ireland has the fourth highest rate of suicide among teens in the EU, with only Lithuania, Estonia and Finland experiencing higher rates.” In 2016, light was shed on the Irish Government’s attitude towards mental health. Ireland […]

Irish Health Care: A Fundamental Reform Proposition

Current Affairs Editor Hassan Baker interviews Róisín Shortall TD on the health service reform proposed by her party, The Social Democrats. The long waiting periods, and not enough beds or trollies are all the rage when it comes to any discussion regarding the Department of Health. The Social Democrats are proposing a reformation of the […]

Fake Stories, Real Concern

Eoin McSweeney speaks to Dr Graham Finlay about the growing issue of fake news in the US and how it may have dire consequences closer to home.  You’ve probably never heard of Veles, a small town situated in the central part of the Republic of Macedonia. It is quiet, suitable for camping and hiking and […]

Consent: Looking at Legislative Change?

FIONA HUGHES SPEAKS TO DR CATHERINE O’SULLIVAN ABOUT THE SUPREME COURT DECISION OF DPP v C O’R AND HOW THIS WILL IMPACT OUR RAPE LAW “Rape is described as not only the second most important offence on our statute books but a violation of one’s constitutional rights and yet the conviction rates are incredibly low.” […]

On Assisted Suicide: An Interview with Tom Curran

Motley staff writer Ryan O’Neill spoke with Tom Curran, to explain the central message and objectives of the Right to Die Ireland Campaign The topic of euthanasia is a contentious one in Ireland. In 1993, the Criminal Law (Suicide) Act decriminalised suicide, but made it a criminal offence to assist another person in taking their […]

Medical Cannabis; The 2016 Bill

FORMER UCC SSDP AUDITOR, OLIVIA TEAHAN, SPEAKS TO GINO KENNY TD AND DISCUSSES THE LEGALISATION OF MEDICAL CANNABIS UNDER THE 2016 BILL In 2013, we saw Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan’s Cannabis Regulation Bill defeated in the Dáil. Most TDs opposed the full legalisation of cannabis. However, the debate on Ireland’s drug-related issues was most welcome, as […]