Worker exploitation and the dark side of “isms”: when cash piles higher than moral standards

by Conor Daly  Capitalism, commercialism, and consumerism have combined to make more products available at lower prices than ever before, but what is the opportunity cost? Current Affairs Staff Writer Conor Daly writes.  Despite what the above introduction may lead you to believe, this will not be a socialist manifesto, far from it. Capitalism itself […]

Building Better Graduates: UCC’s Programmes for Developing Active Citizens

As many students get ready to face life beyond the gates of UCC, the Bystander Intervention Programme & the Graduate Attributes Programme show students how to take on the role of global citizens as they embark on their futures.  Written by Clíonadh O’Keefe of the UCC Bystander Intervention Programme with additional writing support by Caroline […]

From Wheat to Weed – Diversifying Farming in Canada

by Célio Fioretti Célio Fioretti talks with Because You Cann founder Serena Donovan about how she went from growing canola to cannabis as a result of Canada’s legalisation of marijuana.  Serena Donovan is a farmer, and on the property she runs with her husband Ian near Vulcan in rural Alberta, a new greenhouse has been […]

Performance-enhancing drugs in professional sports and our personal lives

by Conor Daly   Performance-enhancing drugs and anabolic steroids are the long-standing euphemisms used to describe cheating in elite sport. This phenomenon used to be exclusive to elite athletes, but is now filtering through every social strata, and most worryingly, to teenagers. Current Affairs Staff Writer Conor Daly reports.    Sports science and nutrition have […]

Driven by drugs: Motley survey reveals need for speedy education

by Molly Kavanagh and Stephen Moynihan   Drug driving is a problem which cuts through a large cross-section of Irish society. However, the prevalence it has amongst people of typical university-going age is worth emphasising – and it doesn’t make for pretty reading.    According to the most up-to-date statistics from UCD’s Medical Bureau of […]

Freaking Out: Motley talks with Nile Rodgers

By some miracle, Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter, guitarist, composer and producer Nile Rodgers agreed to talk with Motley Current Affairs Editor Alana Daly Mulligan about music, activism, his passion for change, and his journey with addiction.