Brexit Backlash: May vs Europe

The Salzburg conference of mid September was nothing short of a disaster for Theresa May. Spurred on by warm words from other EU leaders and cognisant of their desire to avoid no deal at such a late stage in the negotiations she started the talks on a hopeful note. Her strategy of appealing above the head of Michel Barnier (the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator and … Continue reading Brexit Backlash: May vs Europe

Eur-joking, right?

Cillian Lyne details what he sees as the lunacy of the Irexit Freedom Party I’ve always been fascinated with the tormented genius archetype: a detective with powers of perception so grand that even the largest of mysteries seem… elementary. Or, a doctor who treats patients as puzzles, while perhaps his biggest puzzle is the workings of his own mind. A scientist who traded his humanity … Continue reading Eur-joking, right?

Any Gaffs? The Student Housing Crisis

The housing crisis in Ireland is getting progressively worse as the years roll by. More and more families are becoming homeless, especially ones with small children. The housing market is in an obvious tailspin, clearly without direction or leadership, but what does this mean for the third-level students of Ireland? We all know someone with a horror story from their time in digs, and most … Continue reading Any Gaffs? The Student Housing Crisis

Hard or Soft? Brexit Means Borders

I watched the Channel 4 news when Stanley Johnson claimed “There’s never been a hard border in Ireland” and that “There are plenty of countries in the EU where one country is in the EU and another country is not in the EU, and they don’t shoot each other. So why we can think that Ireland’s going to be such a disaster, I don’t know”. … Continue reading Hard or Soft? Brexit Means Borders

Anita Hill to Dr Ford: How America Hasn’t Changed

Brett Kavanaugh’s lifetime nomination to the Supreme Court was previously deemed to be guaranteed, until allegations of sexual misconduct plummeted the future of the United States into uncertainty. On September 27th, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee, and claimed that she is one-hundred percent certain that Judge Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her at a houseparty in 1982. Two women have accused … Continue reading Anita Hill to Dr Ford: How America Hasn’t Changed