Ukraine: The Prospect of Partition

Contributing Writer Conor Hogan discusses the ongoing Russo-Ukrainian war and examines the potential division of the country.   Ukraine has, for the entirety of its existence, been a region of permanent contention with ever changing borders. The Russian offensive has not been the Blitzkrieg that had been expected, and the Ukrainian forces seem to be […]

The Leaving Generation: Why another up and coming cohort will inevitably flock to greener pastures.

Contributing wrtier Áine Feeney remarks on recent events and highlights how various negative policies in the Irish economy contributes to high emigration and brain drain   As Irish people, emigration is woven into the fabric of our history. Famines, recessions and successive government failures have scattered Irish people to other nations such as England, America […]

The incel community and the importance of tackling extremism

In light of recent tragic events in Plymouth where a gunman opened fire on innocent people in the name of the incel “community”, Current Affairs Editor Conor Daly looks at the importance of being an active bystander.   The use of quotation marks in the above introduction is merely to highlight the irony of the […]

Photoshop & Mental Health: The Effects of Altering Reality to Fit Unrealistic Beauty Standards

In light of changes to current advertising legislation, May Weber talks to Motley about the impact of photoshop on the mental health of individuals, particularly young women. [Please note that the following article makes reference to mental illness, eating disorders, self-harm and suicide.]      A recent ruling by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) in […]

When England lost the Euros, so did women and people of colour

  The aftermath of this Summer’s European Championships points to wider societal issues in relation to gender based violence and racism. Current Affairs Editor Conor Daly discusses.   The European Championships this Summer were strange from the beginning. Retaining the nametag of Euro 2020 but taking place in 2021, with the pandemic that delayed it […]


Natalia Karolina Gawlas – Deputy Editor Current Affairs Natalia Gawlas shines light on the oppression of women which, for decades, has been a topic avoided by many. Right now, women in the West are rightly fighting to prohibit the gender pay gap and workplace sexism, in addition to ensuring bodily autonomy and reproductive health rights. […]