Touch Starvation – the Sex Lives of UCC Students During COVID-19

The Motley Current Affairs Team have collated the sexiest survey ever performed in UCC because who doesn’t need some statistical sexual voyeurism in their lives right now? Written & compiled by John Hunter and Alana Daly Mulligan.   COVID-19 has impacted our lives in many ways: online learning, reduced travel, restricted gatherings, closed bars and […]

Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby…Please? Ireland’s Refusal to Address Adequate Sex Education

The way we talk about sex, or more to the point don’t talk about it, can create an unhealthy or shameful relationship with sex that can be difficult to let go of. Current Affairs Staff Writer Conor Daly talks about some of the ways we can start diversifying our Sex Education.    Growing up in […]

Warped Vision: What Porn Is Doing To Our Society

The history of pornography is deeply entwined in with the collective human narrative since civilisation began. Emily Osborn takes a look at our relationships with modern pornography, and how it might be causing more harm than good.    Since at least the early 70’s, pornography has dominated modern media. From Playboy magazine to society’s latest […]

The Time is Now: The Period Poverty Conversation

Sarah Kennelly talks about Ireland’s shame around periods, and governmental attempts to introduce free period products for all menstruators.    Periods, for many, are a topic only discussed in hushed tones. We are raised to believe that menstruation is a subject that is much too offensive to bring up in casual conversation. Hiding tampons up […]

Hope in Dark Times: Tadhg Williams announces ‘The Hope Song’

Alana Daly Mulligan gets chatting with singer-songwriter and fellow Déisí Tadhg Williams about his upcoming release ‘The Hope Song’.   Waterford singer-songwriter Tadhg Williams has had quite the year, pandemic aside. Enjoying the support of Hot Press and RTÉ Radio 1 for the release of his debut single ‘My Father’s Clouds’, coupled with the release […]

Guardians of Peace? Gardaí inadequacy towards the death of George Nkencho

Afeez Olayiwola Sanni examines the recent killing of George Nkencho in Dublin, and the light it casts on An Garda Síochána’s approach to supporting communities of colour, especially with regards to mental health.    Six gunshots later, 27-year-old George Nkencho fell to the ground in front of his West Dublin family home. Earlier that day, […]