Budget 17: What It Means For Students

Jennifer Lynch caught up with Annie Hoey , president of The Union of Students in Ireland to get her thoughts on the Budget. Richard Bruton claims he wants to make Ireland the best education and training service in Europe. If this is true then why are this government consistently turning their back on students and […]

University Rankings: A broken promise to Irish Students?

DEPUTY EDITOR OF CURRENT AFFAIRS FIONA HUGHES DISCUSSES THE RECENT FALL OF IRISH UNIVERSITIES IN THE WORLD RANKINGS AND OUTLINES THE EFFECT ON STUDENTS “It is hard to imagine that the quality of education and the opportunities received from it would not reflect the work put in by us as students. However, that is looking […]

Orchard Thieves? A Bite into the Apple Tax Case

Editor-in-Chief, Eoin McSweeney explains the recent EU Commission decision on Apple’s tax arrangements with Ireland and explores the Government’s options   “It’s an odd one, because the Irish Government has paid almost €300,000 in legal fees to stop the EU Commission ordering Apple to pay the Irish Government billions.” A ruling on Apple’s tax arrangements […]

Finding Freshers – A Struggle to Fit Within the College Jigsaw

Originally written during this year’s Freshers Week, Eli Dolliver writes about the struggle that may happen at any time during the college experience Everyone knows that Freshers Week is meant to be a time of great celebration and new beginnings; a time of welcome and adventure for new students. And for a lot of students, it is. […]

Climate Change: Science, Horrors and Policy

HASSAN BAKER SPEAKS TO PROF. JOHN SODEAU, AN ATMOSPHERIC CHEMIST FROM THE CENTRE FOR RESEARCH INTO ATMOSPHERIC CHEMISTRY (CRAC) IN UCC. “As well as the predictable signs of climate change, there seem to be more unpredictable effects; “Some of these sound like scare mongering crazy science fiction…” Climate change has stopped being that boring thing […]

The Cassells Report; A clear solution to the problem of Third Level Funding?

Fiona Hughes spoke with USI President Annie Hoey about what Cassells Report means and how it effects UCC students. Since the economic crisis, state funding for Third Level Education has dropped from 84% to 64%. Although the majority are making ends meet, at least five colleges are now running deficits and are in danger of […]