‘Everything Must Go’ and its Portrayal of Alcoholism

by Ronan Watters   Ronan Watters explores the nuanced portrayal of alcoholism in Dan Rush’s 2010 film.   Everything Must Go is not a perfect film. It could even be argued that it is not a film that looks at the horror of alcoholism with much depth. But for some reason after I saw it, […]

The Resonance of Sara Baume’s Handiwork During Lockdown

by James Kemmy  James Kemmy reviews a story of loneliness, grief, and the frustration of the creative process. The “glorious, crushing, ridiculous” repetition of daily life is documented profoundly in ‘Handiwork’, Sara Baume’s third book and non-fiction debut. The West Cork writer’s latest release is essentially a portrait of the everyday experiences of an artist, […]

An Image of Melody: Étáin on the Visual Inspirations Behind her new Single “Bone House”

by Kane Geary O’ Keeffe  Following the release of her single ‘Bone House’, Kane Geary O’ Keeffe speaks with Étáin on the wonders of music production, visuals in music, and the value of connection in the creative arts. The sun stretches from Meath to Cork as I sit down across from Étáin Collins, known simply  […]

Zack Snyder’s Justice League: A Cut Above the Rest?

by Ruari Walsh    Ruairi Walsh Offers his thoughts on the newly released superhero behemoth.   Following years of fan campaigning, rumours leaked from cast and crew, and denials of its existence, Zack Snyder’s Justice League was released on March 18th, 2021. The film, released and produced by the HBO Max streaming service, is marketed […]

Drugs n’ Robots!

by Eoin Shortiss Eoin Shortiss explores the dangers of reliance on recreational drugs through the novel-turned-stage musical, ‘Be More Chill’. I know nothing about drugs. The biggest high I’ve gotten from a drug (besides alcohol) happened that one time I misread the recommended dose on a box of paracetamol. But even I can see that […]

Insane for Cocaine

  by Emily Osborn   Emily Osborn looks at the glamorization of cocaine in popular media. The idyllic “sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll” lifestyle has been romanticised in media for decades. This inadvertently has led to drug use itself being glamorised, with certain drugs adapting to this role more than others. According to a […]