How Ms. Marvel Bravely Captures the Story of the Partition

Contributor Baneen Talpur discusses the authentic representation that Ms. Marvel broadcasts, and how it differs from previous MCU works. ‘It’s not really the brown girls from Jersey City who save the world,’ says Kamala Khan as she watches the skyline with her best friend Bruno. Up until Ms. Marvel released, it was mostly true. After […]

Partition in Paint

A review of As They Must Have Been (Crawford Art Gallery, 30 July – 25September 2022) by contributor Morgan Hegarty Situated on the first floor of the Crawford Art Gallery, As They Must Have Been is a majorretrospective of the iconic group portrait of members of the Cork No. 2 Brigade of the IrishRepublican Army, […]

The End of Outlaw Cowboys in Red Dead Redemption

Deputy Entertainment editor Chloe Barrett writes about Red Dead Redemption 2, and how it approaches the end of the cowboy era, alongside its portrayal of indigenous people. Over the summer, I spent my hard-earned wages on a PlayStation 5. Do I regret it in any way? Absolutely not. I got the opportunity to play some […]

The Radical Filmmaking of Gregg Araki;

Kate O’Riordan provides an overview of the offbeat director’s work which deals with sexual fluidity and gender expression through absurdism   From fever dream-like visuals to hardcore scenes of violence, Gregg Araki’s radical and subversive style of filmaking is undoubtedly distinct. As an independent writer and director who began his career in the late 1980s, […]

Woman on the Internet’; Orla Gartland Album Review

James Kemmy discusses the promising and versatile debut from a rising Irish star   Twenty-six year old Dubliner, Orla Gartland has been on the periphery of a musical breakthrough for the last number of years. With two EPs released in 2015 and 2019 respectively, along with a soundtrack feature in the ‘Normal People’ television series, […]

The Ancient Roots of Gender Misrepresentation in Western literature;

Ronan Keohane offers his take on the “POV I’m a woman _____ written by a man” trend POV or Point of View is an abbreviated slang term and modern internet trend where video footage shows a situation through the viewer’s perspective. The “written by a man” trend has recently surfaced on the video-sharing social media […]