Omid Djalili at the Opera House

Shamim Malekmian reviews Omid Djalili’s recent gig at the Cork Opera House. Not long after walking onto the stage of Cork Opera House on Wednesday night Omid Djalili started singing a song that had only two words as its lyrics: Muslim ban. Mixing the singing with a little Persian dance, Djalili managed to make the lightest situation of a contentious political issue. The 51-year-old British comic was … Continue reading Omid Djalili at the Opera House


From Coast to Coast: An Interview with LANY

Entertainment Editor, Gemma Kent, chats with Jake Goss, drummer of up-and-coming band, LANY. They’re the hottest new band to surge up from the famed City of Angels. Formed in 2014 after a sporadic, off-the-cuff meetup, lead singer, Paul Klein; guitarist, Les Priest, and drummer, Jake Goss, now make up what is fast becoming the US’s latest music sensation. With nearly 40 million streams on Spotify … Continue reading From Coast to Coast: An Interview with LANY


Interview: Benjamin Francis Leftwich

Motley staff writer Ryan O’Neill sits down with Benjamin Francis Leftwich after his recent Cyprus Avenue show to talk about intimate gigs, returning to music and The 1975   Organising an interview via Facebook Messenger and hotel rooms are far from what one might consider ‘official protocol’. Yet it’s here in a modest and (somewhat) tidy city centre hotel room where I sit with Benjamin … Continue reading Interview: Benjamin Francis Leftwich


Let The Henebry Wax Cylinders Ring Out

A look into the next exhibition to feature in the Boole Library.   The backstory: We are a group of first year BAMUS students studying in University College Cork, in UCC’s music department on Sunday’s Well road. The music department in UCC offers a wide variety of unique and interesting modules and facilities, including a Gamelan ensemble, a World Music module and practise rooms containing … Continue reading Let The Henebry Wax Cylinders Ring Out