Dublin Comic Con 2019

Motley Entertainment Editors Andrew Burke and Cathal Donovan O’Neill discuss their thoughts following their recent visit to Dublin Comic Con in August. Highlights: Cathal Donovan O’Neill, our Deputy Entertainment Editor, was captivated by the art stalls upstairs. There were big queues for the star guests, but the cacophony of sound and colour from artists selling their prints and comics was his biggest attraction. There was … Continue reading Dublin Comic Con 2019

The Motley Gig Guide: Sep 16th-23rd 2019

Deputy Entertainment Editor Cathal Donovan O’Neill presents you with the five best gigs of the week taking place right here in Cork.   Welcome to the first instalment of the Motley Gig Guide, where every Sunday/Monday I deliver the five hottest gigs this week straight to your screen. Cork’s music scene is class right now, pulling great acts from all over the country and beyond. … Continue reading The Motley Gig Guide: Sep 16th-23rd 2019

Interview: Rosie Carney

Laurie Shelly talks to singer-songwriter Rosie Carney about her debut album, growing up in Donegal, overcoming difficulties and working with her idols ahead of her gig at Cork’s Sounds from a Safe Harbour festival.   Rosie Carney wrote her debut album’s opening track when she was 14. Most people would probably like for their 14-year-old self’s writings to stay in diaries and boxes under the … Continue reading Interview: Rosie Carney

Irish One Hit Wonders: Et Cetera by Sinéad Mulvey and Black Daisy

In this issue, Deputy Entertainment Editor Julie Crowley looks at a song called Et Cetera – Ireland’s unsuccessful Eurovision entry in 2009. It was the only Irish hit single by Sinéad Mulvey and Black Daisy.   Et cetera (et cetera) I heard that old song many times But I still believe you really wanted her I spent the day deciding should I go or stay … Continue reading Irish One Hit Wonders: Et Cetera by Sinéad Mulvey and Black Daisy

Tricks and Gimmicks: Unneccesary Distractions?

Every single year without fail I always look forward to the Christmas holidays. It gives me a chance to kick back on the couch and to catch up on all the movies and shows I have been meaning to explore but have been unable to due to college. One day during the holidays a friend and I went to the cinema to see Spiderman: Into … Continue reading Tricks and Gimmicks: Unneccesary Distractions?