Insomnia 2019: Gaming Paradise

  The Entertainment Team went to the Insomnia Gaming Festival this year in Dublin and Entertainment Editor Andrew Burke shares his thoughts. The Insomnia Gaming Festival made its return to Dublin this year on the 9th-10th November. Our Editor-in-Chief, Dan Webb, and I had the pleasure of attending. While conventions like Dublin Comic Con cater to a wide variety of nerdy things and always has … Continue reading Insomnia 2019: Gaming Paradise

Conversations in a Radicalised System

Tony O’Halloran Conversations in a Radicalised System ‘Settle down. Stop fighting for your gods, They can’t hear you now, Not with the noise of your guns’ Entrenched, his righteous brigade, once no-man-fathomed. Now it is frightful, sheer, lacking no conviction, exacting reverence: You are either with us or against but never in between. Ignorance is our enemy, resistance our kerosene. Inextricably, her cause consumes, splinters … Continue reading Conversations in a Radicalised System

Cartoon Christmas Specials: A Festive Retrospective

  Motley Editor-In-Chief Dan Webb takes a look at three Christmas specials produced by Cartoon Network that he enjoyed growing up.   From a young age, the Christmas season was, and always has been my favourite time of the year. The lights, the music and the atmosphere of the festive season just has this unique way of capturing my heart. When I was growing up, … Continue reading Cartoon Christmas Specials: A Festive Retrospective

The Motley Christmas Playlist

  Music Editor Cathal Donovan O’Neill gifts you the hollyist, jolliest of Christmas jams It’s that time of year again! From December 1st onwards, every radio station will be in Christmas mode. You’re about to drown in a deluge of Mariah Carey, The Pogues and, God help you, John Lennon. It can be fun, but sometimes you need a break. Something a little different. That’s … Continue reading The Motley Christmas Playlist