Lost Lives: An Elegy

Ania Gleich gives her thoughts on Lost Lives, a documentary film which recently premiered at the Cork Film Festival   Lost Lives, the 2019 documentary by Dermot Lavery and Michael Hewitt, is a cinematographic memorial for eternity. It becomes crystal clear after five minutes into the film that those stories and pictures won’t be so easy to remove again. And it is this realization that … Continue reading Lost Lives: An Elegy

David Gray Comes to Cork 2020

 Singer/songwriter David Gray’s stopping in Cork for the 20th anniversary of Ireland’s biggest-selling album, Motley reports. ‘The White Ladder’ was a low-budget success story. Singles such as ‘Babylon’ inspired countless successors, including the current boom of British acoustic guitar-led music. It spent 3 consecutive years in the UK charts and sold 350,000 copies in that time.     The album is getting a reissue and … Continue reading David Gray Comes to Cork 2020

Motley Guide: Cork Film Festival Nov. 8th-10th

Motley Editor-In-Chief Dan Webb gives you a peak into some of the most interesting events happening on the opening weekend of Cork Film Festival   Well it’s that time of year again, when film enthusiasts rejoice and Cork becomes the centre of attention for an entire week. Last year the Motley team attended Cork Film Festival, and were amazed with the wide array of unique … Continue reading Motley Guide: Cork Film Festival Nov. 8th-10th

Gay Byrne: A Cautious Revolutionary Posing As A Clean-Cut Reformist

As the announcement of Gay Byrne’s passing hit news outlets on November 4th 2019, our nation was confronted with the challenge of discerning an icon’s legacy and the comfort of knowing the flame of broadcasting passion that burned inside him had not been extinguished. A furnace which burnt the status quo, charred traditional thought and scorched out the cold injustices of an Ireland we no … Continue reading Gay Byrne: A Cautious Revolutionary Posing As A Clean-Cut Reformist

Interview: Orla Gartland

  In between stops on a U.S. tour, Irish pop singer Orla Gartland found some time in her crazy schedule to chat with Motley Deputy Editor-in-Chief Laurie Shelly about her newest song, the changing face of YouTube, writing for K-pop boyband BTS, and why people should care about pop music. People on the internet speak nostalgically of a golden age of the video-sharing website YouTube. … Continue reading Interview: Orla Gartland