Katie Myers Many people now turn to the internet for entertainment, be it via Netflix, YouTube or some other online platform. As a result, more content creators both in comedic and dramatic circles have turned to the internet to reach a wider and more varied audience. Following the announcement of his new ‘Under the Influence’ […]

Shrek: Standing the Test of Time

Dan Webb explores the ongoing legacy of the Dreamworks classic. When talking about movies, one of the most important things to note is how a given film affects its audience: whether it makes them cry, laugh, or jump up and down with joy. Movies can affect viewers differently at different points in their lives, whether […]

Omid Djalili at the Opera House

Shamim Malekmian reviews Omid Djalili’s recent gig at the Cork Opera House. Not long after walking onto the stage of Cork Opera House on Wednesday night Omid Djalili started singing a song that had only two words as its lyrics: Muslim ban. Mixing the singing with a little Persian dance, Djalili managed to make the lightest situation […]

Edwin Sammon & The Comedian’s Cure

Entertainment Editor, Gemma Kent, chats with comedian Edwin Sammon about his new tour and the power of laughter.     The best part of doing interviews is when the person on the other end has you laughing your way through it. That’s laughing with them, of course; like how Edwin Sammon’s opener to our chat […]

Motley Travels… Amsterdam

Alex Mulcahy recalls his attempt at Dutch sophistication After last summer’s unequivocally tumultuous adventure in Ios, Greece, I decided to uphold a promise I had made to myself in the midst of the chaos. The solemn oath entailed a more cultured and refined experience; one of art museums and the exploration of global gastronomy. Or […]

What do you mean

What do you mean we only have a couple weeks left?

Words: Kyle Malone With RAG week over, UCC students have now settled into March, a month whose only merits are being  bombarded  with  free stuff  during  SU  elections  and  also the  national  celebration  of  “Drink More than the Other Days” day. Even  the  former  has  caused  issues  this  year,  with  some  claiming  the  newly  formed  […]