Cork Film Festival 2019 Programme Launch

Entertainment Editor Andrew Burke discusses the Cork Film Festival 2019 Programme Launch, along with a few films to keep an eye out for.   Motley staff writer, Kane Geary O Keeffe, and I had the pleasure of attending the launch of the 64th Cork Film Festival Launch at the River Lee Hotel. The night featured powerful speeches from the Chair of the Cork Film Festival … Continue reading Cork Film Festival 2019 Programme Launch

An Entertainment Revolution

  Tadhg MacCionnaith explains the rapid evolution of entertainment. From YouTube to Netflix to the upcoming MEANS TV, Tadhg wonders how radical this revolution will get.   As you are all aware, streaming seems to be the direction in which entertainment is going at the moment. First there was Youtube, which has gone from hosting amateur to professional videos. The likes of Twitch mean we … Continue reading An Entertainment Revolution

The Distorted Mirror of Black ‘47

Morgan Hegarty reflects upon the 2018 action film Black ‘47 and how we feel about the Great Famine today. 2018’s Black ’47 was an extraordinary film, the first time the seminal period of Irish history has been depicted on the big screen. As one commentator described it, the Great Famine was “the seed of the Irish nation”, creating what the signatories of the Proclamation of … Continue reading The Distorted Mirror of Black ‘47