Irish One-Hit Wonders: Here Comes the Night

Deputy Entertainment Editor Julie Crowley continues the retrospective series of Irish One Hit Wonders with a sixties hit:  Here Comes the Night by Them “I could see her closing her eyes And tellin’ him lies, Exactly like she told me too. Yeah yeah yeah, Well, here it comes, Here comes the night, The long, the long and lonely night” Them were an R&B band formed … Continue reading Irish One-Hit Wonders: Here Comes the Night

All Tvvins Interview

The Dublin duo All Tvvins have been fast entering the acclaimed title of household name since they shot into the Irish charts in 2016. It’s been two years since the band, elsewhere known as Conor Adams and Lar Hayes, released their debut self-titled album IIVV. The album features some show-stopping tunes, and unforgettable bangers, like ‘Darkest Ocean’, ‘Book’ and ‘Crash’. Since then, they’ve been continuing … Continue reading All Tvvins Interview

Iridescence: Brockhampton Album Review

Jason O’Sullivan critiques the highs and lows of Brockhampton’s latest album, Iridescence. Brockhampton have undergone a dizzying rise in the last eighteen months. From their humble beginnings in San Marcos, Texas, to the stellar Saturation trilogy, the self-proclaimed ‘boyband’ have come a long way in such a short amount of time. Even with the personal controversies that have hit the group in 2018, which led … Continue reading Iridescence: Brockhampton Album Review

Celebrating the 80th Anniversary of the Cork Orchestral Society

Features and Opinion Editor Liz Hession sits down with Tom Doyle, treasurer of the Cork Orchestral Society ahead of their 81st season. Motley has been celebrating the arts and culture of Cork city since its inception in 2006. Whether those rich traditions stretch to the Crawford Art Gallery in the heart of the city, up to the Everyman Palace, to the stained-glass windows of the … Continue reading Celebrating the 80th Anniversary of the Cork Orchestral Society

Irish One Hit Wonders – Charlie’s Song

Deputy Entertainment Editor Julie Crowley takes a look back at Ireland’s weird and wonderful One Hit Wonders – this issue, we arise and follow Charles Haughey. Charlie’s Song (Arise and Follow Charlie) by The Morrisseys “Hail the leader, hail the man, With freedom’s cause it all began. With Irish pride in every man, We’ll rise and follow Charlie.” Charles Haughey ran a high-profile general election … Continue reading Irish One Hit Wonders – Charlie’s Song

Interview with Eamon Murray (Beoga)

Entertainment Editor Dan Webb sits down to chat with “bodhrán wizard” Eamon Murray of Beoga, about Ed Sheeran, RAG week and making trad music cool again. Probably one of the most exciting and, dare I say, important part of one’s culture is the way in which music is crafted and celebrated by the people of that country. Throughout the many nations of the world one … Continue reading Interview with Eamon Murray (Beoga)