63rd Cork Film Festival: A Retrospective

It always seems that around this time of the year people’s excitement and anticipation seem to spike in leaps and bounds. Many people see the start of winter as a mark that Christmas is on its way, and whilst I absolutely adore Christmas it isn’t the only thing that I look forward to every year. Cork Film Festival which takes place every November has in … Continue reading 63rd Cork Film Festival: A Retrospective

Alt-J at the Olympia: Gig Review

Having had the very successful interview back in September with Gus, I was very excited to attend the band’s tour in Dublin in the Olympia Theatre. And I can sure as hell tell you we were not disappointed. Receiving excellent treatment from the venue we were directed up a hallway, down a staircase, up another and into one of the high rise boxes. I felt … Continue reading Alt-J at the Olympia: Gig Review

The Problem with Apu

Deputy Entertainment Editor Julie Crowley writes about the rumours of Apu Nahasapeemapetilon’s imminent departure from the Simpsons. Is this the end for the character? Are there any alternatives to fix the problematic elements? The Simpsons TV show is long-running and influential. Though it no longer defines the zeitgeist, the show is still a significant aspect of American popular culture that has become beloved internationally. The … Continue reading The Problem with Apu

From Scream to Scream Queens

From Scream to Scream Queens – Eli Dolliver investigates the tradition of the self reflexive horror. The horror genre – perhaps more than any other – refers to itself constantly, playing on its generic conventions to enhance its cinematic universes, communicating with the audience in a way other genres can’t. The best example of this is of course Scream, the 1996 Wes Craven masterpiece in … Continue reading From Scream to Scream Queens

Begotten Not Made: Interview With Conal Creedon

Conal Creedon’s latest novel unfolds a tale of a cleric’s unrequited love for a nun – although they only met once, in 1970, on the night that Dana won the Eurovision. Earlier this month, I sat down with someone who I feel lucky to regard as a truly inspiring literary presence in our humble city, and more than just that – he’s a good friend, … Continue reading Begotten Not Made: Interview With Conal Creedon