Job for the Boys

  Uniforms are no longer confined to the four walls of an office, kitchen, building site, or further afield. In recent years, street fashion has co-opted workwear as a statement. Luka Phelan explores this development contrasting real life uniforms with their streetwear alternative. Find a chef and a carpenter alongside two young man. Find a young man imitating military garb but, unfortunately, without an actual … Continue reading Job for the Boys

The Arts Student and The Intelligence Justification Complex

Motley Staff Writer Niamh Browne talks about the disdain held for the arts, and why students feel the need to justify their choices to everyone who asks. It’s the dreaded question. The question with that tone. The snarky question mark you can just about hear. The “and how are you going to get a job out of that?” question. It’s the marish shadow that follows … Continue reading The Arts Student and The Intelligence Justification Complex

Family Found: A Night With Dolly Parton and my Gran

Motley Columnist Alana Daly Mulligan gives us an insightful look into her relationship with her late grandmother, and how this this was reflected to her during a recent opportunity to meet country music star Dolly Parton Christmas is a time of year where we can all feel just a little lonelier than usual. Every advertisement boasts families celebrating, people falling in love, even just some … Continue reading Family Found: A Night With Dolly Parton and my Gran

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Rebooted

Entertainment Editor Andrew Burke gives his thoughts on the latest addition to the Call of Duty franchise. Ever since the release of Ghosts, the Call of Duty franchise has been on a steady decline. With the latest games featuring jet packs, laser weapons and robots, 2019’s Call of Duty Modern Warfare (yes, it’s a reboot)  tries to bring the franchise back to where it all … Continue reading Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Rebooted

Interview: AURORA

Norwegian singer Aurora talks to Laurie Shelly about writing songs to save the planet, finding power in being gentle, and lending her voice to Disney’s Frozen 2.    Aurora Aksnes grew up in a forest, because of course she did. Her family lived near Lysefjord, which translates as ‘fjord of light.’ “I miss Norway a lot,” she tells me when I talk to her in … Continue reading Interview: AURORA