Troye Sivan: Driving Us Wild

Fresh out of MTV studios, viral megastar Troye Sivan sat down to chat with Riley The first noticeable thing when chatting to the Happy Little Pill singer was his trademark melodic Australian accent, it’s verging on hypnotic and for all I knew he could have been spitting Nicki Minaj lyrics because I was completely under his spell; one that millions of teens around the world … Continue reading Troye Sivan: Driving Us Wild


Adam O’Reilly chats to YouTube sensation Tyler Oakley about the influence of internet stars, meeting with the Obamas and his LGBT* advocacy work. Without a doubt 2014 has been the unofficial “Year of the Internet Personality.” Dozens upon dozens of our favourite internet personalities have made the jump from computer screen to mainstream media and many have officially been awarded the title of full-blown “celebrity.” … Continue reading #MotleyAsksTyler

The Misadventures of BriBry

Motley’s Méadhbh Crowley chats to YouTuber Brian O’Reilly aka BriBry about fame, travel and life as a YouTuber. YouTubers seem to have exploded into fame  over the last few years. YouTube’s Zoella aka Zoe Sugg has had the fastest selling debut album since records began, Troye Sivan stormed the charts across the world with his debut EP and Cork’s own SacconeJolys sold out Dublin’s Button … Continue reading The Misadventures of BriBry

Shoring Up

GTL now stands for Gym, Tan and Langers thanks to the release of Corcaigh Shore – Elaine Murphy reviews the latest offering from the rebel county First there was Jersey Shore, where we innocent Corkonians were taught about “GTL”. Soon followed the effervescent Geordie Shore, which made terms such as “gazzed”, “getting mortal” and “tashin’on” part of everyday vocabulary. The Irish continued the trend with … Continue reading Shoring Up

6 Reasons to Love Jenna Marbles | Leah Driscoll

‘Please subscribe to our channel, we put up new videos every Wednesday!’ If you read this and don’t feel an immediate urge to bid farewell to Spiderman, Kermit and Marbles, then you have yet to discover the wacky world of Jenna Marbles. As a twenty-something year old YouTuber, Jenna Mourey (a.k.a. Jenna Marbles) entertains millions on a weekly basis with her rants and various antics. … Continue reading 6 Reasons to Love Jenna Marbles | Leah Driscoll

Lights, Camera, YouTube! | Daniel Boland

YouTube is like a second home to the avid vlogger, grabbing your camera and expressing your views to the millions of people who watch YouTube videos everyday. Sounds simple right ? In reality quite a lot of effort goes into filming a worthwhile video on the site. Many of us have sent links of humorous video clips from the site but how many of them … Continue reading Lights, Camera, YouTube! | Daniel Boland