5 Irish Bloggers To Watch In 2017

  Fashion editor Anna Mac and Deputy Fashion editor Jacqueline Murphy advise us who to keep an eye out for in the blogging world for this coming year.   Emer Rutherford (PenneysToPrada.com)   Emer (20) from Waterford, first set up Penneys To Prada back in 2014, when she was starting college. Her main areas of expertise are fashion and beauty, with bits of lifestyle and … Continue reading 5 Irish Bloggers To Watch In 2017


Making Waves: Courtney Smith

  Courtney Smith, one of Ireland’s leading figures in the global fashion industry, chats with Deputy Fashion Editor Jacqueline Murphy about achieving her dream career and Ireland’s presence in the world of fashion. With clients like Louis Vuitton and Tommy Hilfiger and brand collaborations with DKNY and H&M, Courtney’s role as a stylist, creative director, presenter and designer makes her one of Ireland’s most successful … Continue reading Making Waves: Courtney Smith


Instagram: A Blessing or a Curse?

Anna Mac  explores the positives and the negatives of the internationally successful app.   On 20th November, Instagram’s most popular account owner, Selena Gomez, made an appearance at the annual American Music Awards. It was her first public appearance since August. Who she was wearing or where her earrings were from, however, were not what caused a stir, but the speech she made while accepting … Continue reading Instagram: A Blessing or a Curse?


Islamic Influences on Mainstream Fashion

Fifi Coughlan examines the influence of the Eastern world on a Western, high street society. With Middle-Eastern luxury sales booming it’s no shock that the traditional Muslim garb of the hijab and the abaya have infiltrated into the haute market. Middle-Eastern customers are one of the top buyers for luxury goods with the Muslim customer globally spending over $260 billion on fashion, The Asian and Russian … Continue reading Islamic Influences on Mainstream Fashion


A Change In Attire

Lauren McCarthy takes a look at the controversial change in Disney Princess Jasmine’s Costume.   “Feminists force Disney to change Princess Costumes”, “People wondering whether Disney will do Burkas next,” and “Disney Sells Out To Islam, Princess Jasmine’s New LOOK Pisses Fans Off” are only some of the online headlines regarding Disney World’s redesign of Aladdin’s Jasmine. Despite that the Disney classic was released close to … Continue reading A Change In Attire