Michael Kors’ Acquisition of Versace: A New Fashion Empire?

Fashion Editor, Laurie Shelly investigates the latest ‘big buy’ in the fashion industry, and what this will mean for iconic label, Versace. US fashion company Michael Kors Holdings recently announced that it had purchased Italian label Versace for $2.12 billion, and that Michael Kors Holdings was to change its name to Capri Holdings. The move was not totally unprecedented; in July 2017, Kors acquired luxury … Continue reading Michael Kors’ Acquisition of Versace: A New Fashion Empire?


Witching hour has descended on the fashion world. Fashion Editor, Laurie Shelly takes a look at this growing trend. On the 27th of September, American designer Rick Owens built a pyre in the centre of Palais de Tokyo in Paris, set it on fire, and sent what he called “California witches” down the catwalk in his Spring 2019 Ready-To-Wear collection, in laser-cut gowns, armour-like cloaks, … Continue reading Covet/Coven

Corduroy: The Poor Man’s Velvet

Someone somewhere along the line started saying that the word ‘corduroy’ was derived from the French for ‘the king’s cords,’ corde du roi, but this turned out to be a false etymology. Which is a shame, because it sounds cute, and also because the introduction to this article probably would have been a lot more engaging if it had opened with a more substantial fact. … Continue reading Corduroy: The Poor Man’s Velvet

Creating a College Capsule Wardrobe

Whether you are starting your first year at college or returning after the summer, the transition from a summer wardrobe to an autumn one can be tricky on a student budget. Building a good foundation of some staple pieces is the best way to go. A good pair of jeans is going to be your best friend. Whether they are skinny, bootcut, mom or boyfriend, … Continue reading Creating a College Capsule Wardrobe

Rococo Renaissance

By Lara Quinn The recent Dolce and Gabbana runway story, christened ‘Fashion Devotion’, forged new life for the fashion world this season. The looks fused contemporary crazes with artistic ideals of the Baroque era in a matrimony that can only be regarded as something of a Rococo Renaissance.  Echoing the genesis of the 15th century renaissance, the dynamic duo behind the brand delivered a runway … Continue reading Rococo Renaissance