ALYX – Streetwear Gold

    Conor O’Callaghan introduces the streetwear giant ALYX, from Matthew Williams, the design genius behind early Lady Gaga and Kanye West outfits. His new venture fuses tailoring and streetwear in a contemporaneous alchemy.    A safety buckle is an unlikely fashion statement. But it’s got multi-million dollar potential. Take it from Matthew Williams, founder of ALYX, a brand synonymous with its industrial and utilitarian … Continue reading ALYX – Streetwear Gold

Sustainable Fashion has a Size Problem

  Laura O’Sullivan writes about her experience as a young plus-sized woman attempting to buy into the second-hand renaissance and the difficulty it poses.  I hate shopping.  The meaning of ‘let’s go in town for a sconce’ once meant a bop down Opera Lane, an overwhelming half an hour in Penney’s and a quick run around the make-up counters of Brown Thomas. This, as a … Continue reading Sustainable Fashion has a Size Problem

A Week in My Wardrobe: Unisex Buying

  As ‘A Week in My Wardrobe enters its fourth iteration, I wanted to stray slightly from novelty and enter more into the realm of personal style, while also asking the bigger sociological questions. It led me to study my wardrobe – what’s really in there and how is it relevant to the column? I landed on a play on gender roles. I own quite … Continue reading A Week in My Wardrobe: Unisex Buying

The Rise of Prada

Muireann Treasa Guinee chronicles the rise of Prada, a household name in luxury fashion, from its beginnings in WW1 Milan to its current standing as a leading global player in the fashion industry. Prada’s rise to fame is a tale of daring contradiction and unapologetic high standards. Over the years, it has solidified its grasp on the fashion industry with highly-intellectualised fashion and much sought-after … Continue reading The Rise of Prada

A Week in My Wardrobe: London Fashion Week

Fashion editor Paul McLauchlan reflects on his time at the spring/summer 2020 shows at London Fashion Week and how his wardrobe figured alongside industry elites I attend London Fashion Week twice a year as a member of the international press. In recent seasons, I have reported on the shows for the Irish Examiner and for the ‘Talents’ section of Vogue Italia. I’ve had the privilege … Continue reading A Week in My Wardrobe: London Fashion Week

Christmas Is a Frame Of Mind

Motley Editor-In-Chief Dan Webb gives food for thought ahead of the Christmas season and celebrates the launch of the final issue of Motley this semester   The Christmas season is without a doubt my favourite time of the year. It’s a time for joy, laughter, spending time with family and for remembering the happier moments of our lives. I have never once been accused of … Continue reading Christmas Is a Frame Of Mind