Photoshoot: UCC Visitor Center

  Credits:   Photographer: Sinéad Mckeown @sinead_m.c.keown   Models: Em Egan Reeve @e_r_em Klaudia Kulas @Klaudia.exe Saoirse Lyons @saoirselyons   Styling & Producing: Justine Lepage @loucoffee Sinéad Mckeown @sinead_m.c.keown   Clothes: Visitor Centre @uccvisitorscentre

Photoshoot: Space

  Credits:   Photographer: Annawen Lecas @annawen35   Models: Claire Watson @claire.bee.watson Ellen @elleneganx Rosie O Byrne @rosie_sunset   Styling & Producing: Justine Lepage @loucoffee Claire Watson @claire.bee.watson Sinéad Mckeown @sinead_m.c.keown   Light: Justine Lepage @loucoffee   Hair: Aoife King @aoifeking_hair   Makeup: Annawen Lecas @annawen35   Disco Ball: Kate Miller @kaateclaire

Photoshoot: Mushrooms

  Credits:   Photographer: David Quinn @_quinnteresting_    Models: Jessica O Brien @jessicannerose Aoife Allen @aoifeallen_   Hair:  Aoife King @aoifeking_hair   Makeup: Annawen @annawen35   Jewellery: Saltwater Design @saltwater_design  

Other Voices: Photographs

Photography by: Clare Keogh

Photoshoot: Belles of the County Down

  The Paul Mescalification of O’ Neill’s shorts: from GAA to Gucci   Photographer: Alana Daly Mulligan @alana_d_m_   Models: Darragh Hernan @darraghhernan Luca O’Halloran @ohalloranluca Aida O’Callaghan   Martín Mendiburu @tinmendiburu   Producing and styling: Justine Lepage Sinéad McKeown   Clothes: Nine Crows Vintage @ninecrowscork   Jewellery: Necklaces courtesy of Azure Jewellery @azurejewellery  

Season of Mists

And mellow fruitfulness. Usher in the autumn with the high street’s offerings of heritage checks, oversized shapes and gauzy skirts.