Sex & Intimacy

Written by Hannah Emerson I  was always the naked child. The one on the beach with bare cheeks on show and a crazed look in their eye, chaotically funnelling seawater into the moat of their toppling sandcastle. The one who simply refused to wear clothes and showcased unapologetic nudity regardless of company, situation or appropriateness. […]

A State of Hypocrisy – the Right to Choose in the State of Texas

With humour and outrage in equal measure, Deputy Features and Opinion Editor John Hunter looks at the recent attack on abortion rights in Texas.   Oh christ, whilst still reeling from the horrific and costly end to the war in Afghanistan, the subsequent overthrowing of the Afghan government by the Taliban and the devastating loss […]

Contraception; a female issue or global crisis? The answer’s pretty obvious

With free contraception potentially on the agenda for Budget 2022, Deputy Current Affairs Editor Natalia Karolina Gawlas looks at why this is an important reform.  Please note, as this article disects and discussess the discrepincies in responsibilites put on men and women in terms of contraception, it focuses mainly on, but not limited to, the […]

Repeal the Place: How a controversial Constitutional article could be amended for a better cause

In this powerfully argued piece, law student Roisin Dunlea explores the ‘woman’s place’ in the Irish Constitution and the action that’s being taken to change it. Deep in the heart of the document that serves as the foundation of our country’s governance, a dusty and dated reminder of ‘Old Ireland’ remains; Article 41.2 of the […]

The Old Man and the Woman; Analysing Ernest Hemingway’s relationship with gender

In this revealing and thoughtful assessment of an iconic (and problematic) author’s work, Niamh Browne looks at the work of Ernest Hemingway and its relationship with ideas of gender.   It’s almost laughable – yes Hemingway. The embodiment of toxic masculinity. The guy who writes books almost exclusively about drinking too much, hunting innocent animals, […]

Solo Female Travel

Globe-trotter, Amano Miura, takes readers on an engaging journey in this piece exploring her time travelling the world alone as a woman and the unique challenges that presents.   Since 2016 I’ve visited 26 different countries. My travels began after I dropped out of my first degree and found a fulltime job. At that point, […]