Mystic Mc’s Magical Predictions: March Edition

Cian McDonnell Astro-physicist turned astrologer tells Motely readers the highs, but mostly the lows the stars have in store for them this month. Aries: You move into the sphere of influence of Uranus this month, one of the coldest places in the Solar System. You may find yourself acting frosty towards other people. Or you […]

UCC’s Confession:

Every month, Motley publishes a spill-your-guts confession. This month, our first confession is a thoughtful reflection on what it’s like not being out in your workplace.    The summer before last, I got a job at a manufacturing company. I didn’t have any specialised skills; I was packaging boxes filled with products. I just wanted […]

The Moralization of Sex in Irish Society – A Conversation with Holly Cairns

TD Holly Cairns has risen to prominence in recent months due to a series of high profile, scalpel-sharp speeches in the Dáil. These speeches resonated with voters far beyond her constituents.  The particular stand out was her devastating speech condemning the government’s inaction on the mother and baby homes. Motley’s Niamh Browne gets to know […]

A New Love Story: Taylor Swift Releases First Rerecording of Old Work

Alana Daly Mulligan still feels guilty about ripping ‘folklore’ a new one, this article is redemption for that while also being a general gush on being in love with the new rerecording of Taylor Swift’s ‘Love Story’.   As I rolled out of bed on Friday morning (12th February) groaning about the prospects of the […]

Swiping Right on Wittgenstein: Navigating Online Dating in the Era of Times Unprecedented

Like all other aspects of life in the current era of isolation, online dating has seen substantial changes in the actions and behaviours of its players, leading to all the more often misunderstood signs and subliminal messages that makes one think, “what the hell does this mean?” – The Motley features desk has your back. […]

How to Make a Global Pandemic Sexy

Sex can often make or break a relationship. And with the unprecedented times we’re in (God that phrase is so overused), peoples sex lives can be put under a similarly unprecedented amount of strain. If your sex life, like so many others, has been impacted by the very unsexy global pandemic, then Jack Wrixon is […]