Age and the City:

 From pedestrianisation to public toilets, how planning Corks urban area with the elderly in mind comes to benefit the lives of young adults. UCC planning master’s student Declan Foley tells Motley what Cork city needs to get right One of the greatest megatrends we are to witness during this century is that of an ageing […]

Mystic Mc’s Magical Predictions

The future is full of uncertainty, but astronomer-turned-astrologer Cian McDonnell helps us see into the sometimes not-so-bright-future of work.   Aries: After applying to 40 entry-level jobs that require 5+ years of experience, you’ll finally get an interview! Unfortunately, you need other skills to be able to work, such as knowing the basics of how […]

“Cork boi!”, Stanley Notte releases spoken word piece on the city’s experience of COVID-19

Cork-based artist Stanley Notte’s recently released piece of spoken word is a powerful but humorous reflection of Cork’s experience of the COVID-19 pandemic. Featuring language familiar to any Corkonian, delivered over a version of “Ghost Town” by The Specials, “Cork, Boi! Nothing But A Ghost Town” is bound to be a hit with those who […]

What Your Favourite Philosopher Says About You:

Philosophers have throughout history provided many with ways of living, seeing the world differently and some fucking dumb ideas too. Niamh Browne and Emer Walsh, Motley’s features and opinion team lets you know what your favourite philosopher says about you.   Albert Camus: Why hello there, notions R us. Yes, having a favourite philosopher is […]

Aicne fásta: Cén fáth go dtagann goiríní orm fós i rith mo fichidí?

Le Aoife Ní Chrualaoich   Is cosúil go bhfulaingíonn an formhór le haicne mar dhéagóirí agus gan aon cheist ná dabht níl an saol éasca ag daoine sna déaga. É sin ráite, ní raibh súil ar bith agam leis na deacrachtaí a bheadh agam le mo chraiceann mar mhac léinn i mo fichidí. Ní hamháin […]

Drugs Are Winning the War on Drugs. It’s time We Change the Game

When it comes to the illegal drug trade, Ireland has a long history of ignoring the root cause of the issue, preferring to throw money and resources at the unfortunate symptoms. It is no surprise then to hear whispers of decriminalisation, a policy that has proved incredibly successful in Portugal since 2001. Grace Catherine Morey […]