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September Horoscopes

Mystic Mc’s Magical Predictions, brought to you by Physics student Cian McDonnell, astronomer and astrologer extraordinaire Disclaimer: The author does not intend for any of these horoscopes to be taken seriously or for anyone to follow the advice given in the column. Although the astronomical facts given in the column are real, the astrological conclusions derived from them are not. Aries: The Perseids meteor shower … Continue reading September Horoscopes

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The Unspoken Battle of our Environmental Fight: Climate Anxiety

“Climate anxiety”. “Eco-grief”. “Climate despair”. All phrases becoming more frequently used as we enter the new age of climate breakdown and disaster capitalism. But what do we mean when we use these phrases to describe our responses to our rapidly changing climate and the consequences we face?  In 2017, the American Psychological Association published a paper defining  “Eco-Anxiety”, as “a chronic fear of environmental doom”. … Continue reading The Unspoken Battle of our Environmental Fight: Climate Anxiety

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An epitaph for the mini-break

Features Editor Niamh Browne proffers a eulogy to the mini-break, with characteristically acerbic wit and comedic whimsy I stand here at the altar of hypocrisy and loudly proclaim: “Death to the Ryanair weekend mini-break. She fucking sucks!” This is the pinnacle of white middle-class problems. I am certainly guilty of indulging in the cheeky weekend away myself. I once went to Dusseldorf for 16 hours … Continue reading An epitaph for the mini-break

How Can We Ethically Consume Under Capitalism?

Motley’s Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Molly Kavanagh, examines the dilemma of ethical consumption within the constraints of a capitalist society. ‘It’s okay, there’s no ethical consumption under capitalism anyways” is a mantra that I usually hear in response to a person being told that their indulgence in fast fashion is harmful to the environment. The term “fast fashion” refers to inexpensive, often low-quality pieces of clothing that … Continue reading How Can We Ethically Consume Under Capitalism?

UCC’s Confession: My Summer Job 2020*

Motley Magazine presents a new section, a once a month, spill your guts anonymous article called UCC’s Confession – an homage to the much-loved Twitter page. This month, a confessor discusses what it’s like to be a female weed dealer.  In Irish culture, weed has been increasingly normalized through the nonchalance of stoners lighting up on Patrick Street or politicians using it as a ploy … Continue reading UCC’s Confession: My Summer Job 2020*