Motley Tries: A Practical Approach to Positivity

New staff writer, Elizabeth Hession, stumbles across an old journal of ‘positivity lists’, which leads her to grapple with the best method of facing each day with a positive attitude. There is something so satisfactory in deciding to be advantageously logical in your pursuits of peaceful thinking. It’s a way of taking the emotional edge […]

Motley Travels: New York

Start spreadin’ the news – Emer Cronin looks back on a summer spent in the world’s most iconic city. Of course, the first thing we did was get lost on the subway. When we did eventually roll our six tonne suitcases outside the Bowery Grand, the round-eyed excitement that had characterised our expression leaving Shannon […]

Interview: Francis ‘The Viper’ Higgins

Current Affairs Editor HASSAN BAKER interviews Francis ‘The Viper’ Higgins about his reputable news show, ‘The Viper’s Views’ How does one go about interviewing the proud reptilian that is Francis ‘The Viper’ Higgins? With research? Wrong. Research, which extensively included IMDB, had repeatedly told me that The Viper is in fact a fictional character created […]

The Definitve Freshers Week Guide 2016

At the time of going to press, this guide was wholly accurate; it should be noted that it is subject to change and none of the above events may ever, ever, take place. A look into the week’s must-attend events with our very own Features & Opinion Editor Killian Down. Alongside R&G week, Freshers’ Fest […]

A Misguided Tour of UCC

Whether your trip to Cork’s university is four hours or four years long, spending your time wisely is an inevitable priority. While it can’t be guaranteed that the stops on this tour are wise, they are certainly the key to quick immersion into the life of a UCC student. Welcome on board the non-definitive, student […]

The Final Countdown

Leah Driscoll documents the lingering existential dread that has engulfed semester two. The last twenty-something years have been pretty sweet and decision-free. The majority of us have moved seamlessly from primary, to secondary, to third level education with only one or two CAO related bruises along the way. By final year of college, those bruises […]