Motley Poetry: The Sea

This edition of Motley Poetry features a poem by Edel Hanley entitled “The Sea”   The Sea.   I stare out as the sanguine sea Moves in with the rising tide, The gulls scatter quick And leave me behind, stationary.   I am detached and displaced, I long to dismantle your menace; The way in […]

Life in Technicolour: The Story of TV Presenter, Ayala

Presenter of Irish TV’s The Ayala Show, Ayala, speaks to Motley about her journey to the small screen and her passion for the arts I have always been so clear on what I wanted in life, but I never would have thought of going into TV and yet here I am working as a TV presenter, […]

When Souls Become One: A Tribute to Roy Cropper

Motley newcomer Jack Corrigan pens a tender ode to Weatherfield’s finest purveyor of baked beans. Roy Cropper shuffles around the kitchen with humility and purpose. The minutiae of his movements are steady and practised as he flows seamlessly between menial tasks. Everything in Roy’s Rolls café works like clockwork. It runs with the gentle efficiency […]

Tomislav Perko: Around the World in 1000 Days

Leah Driscoll chats with Tomislav Perko, author of 1000 Days of Spring, about his experience packing up and living a life of travel. Picture this: you’re a high-flying stockbroker. You’re only in your early twenties, yet things have already worked out pretty well for you. Your idea of a uniform is a suit and tie, […]

At A Glance

Emily Horgan If you were to consider my life as a Venn diagram, you could comment that the majority of my interests have slight, if any intersection. Fashion and computer science aren’t regularly seen to go hand in hand. However, knots of similarity wind through the two, like separate planks of wood cut from the […]

The Executioner

By Kevin Power My mother always said that I had an overactive imagination. That it was a blessing. My playtime would consist of me snatching up a stick and fending off the most vivid creatures that I could conjure. She would tisk when I described them to her as she bounced me on her knee, […]