The Power of Celebrity: Talent vs. Style  

Words: Rachel Muckley People rise to fame in all sorts of ways. Some creep up on world media without us ever realising, while others struggle though minor successes for years until they make it. Interestingly, the concept of fame is constantly broadening, so that one can call themselves a celebrity for almost any reason. However […]

AN ENDING? | Dave Horgan

Boring and predictable life mostly is, The same ups and downs, The same in and out, Sometimes one wonders if it’s worth it all. We have days we smile, with friends and family, We have times of anger, caused by a wished forgotten past. To end it all now, Or to live through it all, […]

I am 29, I am 19, I am 9. I am Before Time | Laura Marie Whelton

An appetite, fueled by elusive things. The illusion of happiness, the pain it brings. The midnight dancing on a lacquered floor Last song beating, sweat like a tear. The torn postcard feelings, From a friend gone astray, ‘Never mind, We will meet another day.’ The Lapis- Lazuli of a stranger’s eyes, Beguiling, conniving, twisted inside. Continuous walkways […]

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Escape | Cillian Ryan

My name is David Young. If I had friends, I’m pretty sure they’d call me ‘Dave’. But I don’t. All I have is a job – as a life assurance salesman. That term bothers me. I’m not sure why. I think it’s because insurance implies there’s a chance something won’t happen, while assurance implies that […]