“Do You Speak English?”

Features Columnist Laura McMahon discusses her experience of learning a foreign language in an Anglophone world. The British Council reckons that English is spoken at a useful level by 1.75 billion people – a staggering 25% of the world’s population. Despite being the hip, universal language of the movers and shakers nowadays, as a native […]

A Most Injudicious Attack

Donald Trump’s administration has brought with it an unprecedented disregard for judicial independence, something which does not bode well for a healthy democracy, writes Features and Opinions Editor Killian Down.  Stories pertaining to President Donald Trump’s administration emerged in an incessant flow during the first few weeks of his administration, as if shot from from a […]

Duterte’s Dystopia

Emily Freud explores President Rodrigo Duterte’s campaign of ghastly brutality against the Philippine drug trade and those who populate it. Could you imagine a world in which a President not only permits but encourages murder of citizens by citizens? It sounds like the start to a dystopian novel. However, this is the reality in the Philippines’ […]

No Old Bar, No Holds Barred – Motley Opinion

This article has been updated in response to new information provided by the UCC SU president. Yesterday, the UCC Students Union revealed a press release that marked the public announcement of the closure of the Old Bar, and the start of a campaign by UCCSU, the Societies Guild and the Clubs Executive, in opposition to the […]

Editorial: Defence Against the Dark Arts

Words: Ellen Desmond This month’s print issue of Motley is full of varying opinions on different aspects of education. We’ve got graduates mourning their college days and final years desperately trying to save the semester. In a broader discussion of learning on page 42, Eoin McSweeney discusses how, for him, education was key to understanding […]

Editorial: Page Easily Found

Ellen Desmond Everyone makes questionable decisions from time to time. It’s a given that we won’t be proud of our every moment, especially of time spent as a student. However, with unprecedented frequency, we are beginning to preserve our every move online. For the majority, there’s now a significant amount of ourselves distorted and saved […]