Ghostking is Dead (Long Live Ghostking)

Gemma Kent chats with Matt Corrigan following the release of his latest EP, Sweet Boy. There’s a few golden rules when it comes to interviewing. Among them: ‘Don’t analyse the song lyrics’, ‘Don’t quote the song lyrics’, and, my personal favourite, ‘Don’t ask them where the name comes from’. Five o’clock on a murky Monday evening, however, rules go out the window, and I open … Continue reading Ghostking is Dead (Long Live Ghostking)

Enviously Green

Gemma Kent surveys two of UCC’s core endeavours in the field of sustainability, the “Love Our Library” Campaign and the work of the Environmental Research Institute. In 2010, University College Cork became the first institute of higher-education in the world to be awarded a Green Flag. At the heart of this first milestone in UCC’s efforts to promote and improve its work around sustainability was … Continue reading Enviously Green

An Ode to (Good) Sports Writing

Killian Down What’s something everyone around you knows you’re obsessed with and why? Someone once described Mancunian band Elbow’s album, The Take Off and Landing of Everything, as an epic of the everyday, a romance of the real. It was an allusion to lyrics which draw on reserves of emotion usually saved for grand romance, but spill out in Guy Garvey’s gentle drawl and find … Continue reading An Ode to (Good) Sports Writing

Should We Revisit the Media Landmarks of our Childhood

Words: Gemma Kent There are plenty of reasons to re-watch, reread, or generally re-experience something we already have, but the big one has always been the fact that we loved (or distinctly hated) it as a kid. What’s not to love about venturing back into the world of the VHS tape, the Nintendo Wii, or that Christmas classic you loved growing up? A lot, if … Continue reading Should We Revisit the Media Landmarks of our Childhood

Au pairing: not all it’s cracked up to be!

Ruth O’Dwyer sets out some of the key things to take into consideration before deciding to work as an au pair. Have you ever considered working as an au pair for the summer in order to improve your fluency in a particular language, or maybe just to gain some experience living in a foreign country? Well, before you start making any set-in-stone plans, I highly … Continue reading Au pairing: not all it’s cracked up to be!

Sustainable Living in the Pacific coast of Mexico

Working with local conservationists offers an invaluable form of education, writes Sarah Corcoran Set between the Pacific ocean and the Oaxacan jungle in Mexico lives a local community who have dedicated their lives to protecting and conserving local wildlife. I had the privilege of living and working alongside these people in the summer of 2017. I had applied for a Mexico Explorer award with EIL … Continue reading Sustainable Living in the Pacific coast of Mexico