Even the Pope Uses AI. Really.

Colm Maye tells us why the digitisation of the Vatican’s library could mean a fundamental change in the practices of 1.2 billion Catholics around the world.    A musty labyrinth lies under the Vatican. The Vatican Apostolic Library, established in 1451, comprises 85 kilometres of shelves laden with treasures; the Papal Bull that excommunicated Martin […]

A Portrait of an Actor as a Young Man – Robert Sheehan

by Emer Walsh    Amidst his busy schedule enlightening viewers of the Earth Locker Podcast, preparing for the third season of the spectacular Umbrella Academy, befriending a ferret, and enriching his inner-consciousness through a journey of meditation, the wonderful Robert Sheehan and Motley’s Emer Walsh discuss morality, their ideal dinner-party guests, and how truly class […]

Jamie’s Story

Jamie moved to Blarney from the city when he was eleven years old. He moved in next door to his cousin, who he called his best friend. He also lived close to his grandparents’ house but at the time he lived with his mother and his mother’s partner. His mother’s partner did not get on […]

The Idealisation of the American Dream

We all love a good story about the underprivileged kid that made it big. The child that grew up poor, worked hard through school, defied all obstacles, got that college scholarship, worked some more, and got their dream job in the big city. 
That in a nutshell is called the American dream…

We Need To Reimagine the College Experience

Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Molly Kavanagh, questions whether or not the narrative of the “typical college experience” is healthy in relation to our expectations for housing. When I was in my first year of college, I lived in a student accommodation complex managed by UCC. Less than a week after I moved in, a male maintenance worker […]

The Romantic Green Party’s Dead and Gone, It Is Now Time That We Moved On

Motley’s Niamh Browne and Emer Walsh take a look at the transformation of Ireland’s Green Party and explain why it is time to ghost them just like they did their progressive cause.  The Green Party has always been a safe option for the liberal voter concerned with the environment and sustainability.  One such voter was […]