Anti- Authoritarian Art: A Look at Palestine and Northern Ireland

Sarah O’Mahony speaks to David Osit, Emmy award winning filmmaker, about his documentary Mayor which is focused on the city of Ramallah and the daily lives of the Palestinian people living there and their Mayor Musa Hadid. She also draws on Kneecap’s similar examination of the history and current state of Northern Ireland and the […]

Sex & Intimacy

Written by Hannah Emerson I  was always the naked child. The one on the beach with bare cheeks on show and a crazed look in their eye, chaotically funnelling seawater into the moat of their toppling sandcastle. The one who simply refused to wear clothes and showcased unapologetic nudity regardless of company, situation or appropriateness. […]

Questioning Artificial Intelligence intelligently

  Tomas Buckley takes a cold hard look at how AI mirrors human flaws and how if we are not careful, it may propagate more systemic oppression.    In writing about AI, I am in good company. Just like Elon Musk, Bill Gates and Sam Harris before me, I will try to inform you about […]

Joker & EDI: The Greatest Love Story in Gaming?

Jeff “Joker” Moreau, voiced by the ever-sarcastic Seth Green, acts as Commander Shepard’s trusty pilot for the entirety of the Mass Effect trilogy. At the beginning of the story, Joker claims he’s the best pilot in the entire Systems Alliance and he proves that time and time again throughout the course of the trilogy, helping […]

The Rise of the Machines

You’re afraid of AI? Bad news, it’s already here writes Marten Kaas. Good news, it’s not all science fiction type maniacal murdering machines. The philosopher of AI tells Motley what we can do with intelligent machines and what we can expect from our machine overlords.  When you mention artificial intelligence, most people invariably imagine glowing […]

No, Immigrants are not Stealing Jobs. Robots Are.

The industrial revolution began in 1760 and is widely regarded as the technological feat of modern history. The implementation of machines to make agriculture and factory work more efficient was a huge blow to an already exploited and underappreciated workforce (pre-unionization). As with any major technological change though; the idea is always more troubling than […]