By Gemma Kent. “You’ll die. That can’t happen. It can’t I can’t. Please.”   His gait was a wayward, deflated hop marked by a rhythm dubbed ‘shit step shit’. ‘step’ was the good foot and ‘shit’ was the bad one, and between them they stomped out a jilted four-four tempo, with occasional variance. Step. Shit. Step. Fuck. Step. Fuck Crap Shit. He insisted he would … Continue reading Proto

In Life as in Death

By Leanne O’Connor Desmond   The stairs creaked loudly, announcing Sylvia’s descent to the basement. Her bruised white skin shone brightly under the low hanging lanterns. William was waiting for her, as he always did. She appeared like a vision of an angel, her dark hair contrasting wildly against her unique pallor. William stood as she approached. He tipped his hat politely at her. Sylvia’s … Continue reading In Life as in Death

Motley Fiction – “Little Me”

Kelly McBarron’s semi-fictional work explores the feelings of anxiety that threatened to boil over on her first day of college, and the past that had brought this anxiety into being.  I stood, shuffling from one foot to the other. My palms were clammy and my back slick with sweat, partly from the lingering September summer sun and partly from the bundle of nerves which since … Continue reading Motley Fiction – “Little Me”

Motley Fiction

Edel Hanley and Shannon Carey contribute poems for Motley’s new fiction page   I DREAMT THAT I SAW YOUR FACE Edel Hanley I dreamt that I saw your face, Pale and cherubic, candescent In a black theatre, And I cannot escape. Your eyes bright, benevolent, This place is ours, empty, Yet occupied by unassuming youths Thinking time is well spent. You were likening to a … Continue reading Motley Fiction