Shrek: Standing the Test of Time

Dan Webb explores the ongoing legacy of the Dreamworks classic. When talking about movies, one of the most important things to note is how a given film affects its audience: whether it makes them cry, laugh, or jump up and down with joy. Movies can affect viewers differently at different points in their lives, whether they be a child, a teenager or an adult, but … Continue reading Shrek: Standing the Test of Time

Alex Murphy: The Young Offender

Alex Murphy, Star of the Irish box-office hit The Young Offenders, talks critics, The Late Late Show and tyre pressure with Killian Down  There must have been something in the stout that night. Whether the doing of the brewer or the barman, a special sprinkle of this and that must have graced the pint glass. Or maybe I’m not giving enough credit to Riyad Mahrez; perhaps there was … Continue reading Alex Murphy: The Young Offender