Can Eating Healthy Cost You Less?

YES Éamonn Grennan There’s a smack of cold reality upon starting to actively try to ‘adult’ when taking the first steps away from a parent’s home for college or work. Inevitably, the strain of getting three substantial meals a day, multiple days in a row, all of which should nourish all your bodily needs, throws […]

HIV: Where There Is No Cure, There Can Only Be Prevention

With recent increases in HIV contraction rates in Ireland, COLMAN MOLONEY charts the HIV landscape and asks why the latest advance in preventative medicine, PrEP, is simply not available here. 1987 marked a crisis point. The world was undergoing an epidemic never seen before; thousands of otherwise healthy young people were being slaughtered, denied help […]

Abstinence from Alcohol in the Irish Way

Lucy McManus explores the less-frequented end of the spectrum of Ireland’s relationship with alcohol New to the social side of college life, I found it so different as regards how often I could drink if I wanted to. Back in sixth year, my friends and I were pretty focused on our Leaving Cert and so […]

Finding Freshers – A Struggle to Fit Within the College Jigsaw

Originally written during this year’s Freshers Week, Eli Dolliver writes about the struggle that may happen at any time during the college experience Everyone knows that Freshers Week is meant to be a time of great celebration and new beginnings; a time of welcome and adventure for new students. And for a lot of students, it is. […]

C’est la Vegan

Sorcha Lanigan dispels the myth of the lute playing vegan For some, veganism is a decision made to benefit personal and ethical beliefs, and for others it’s more of a self­congratulatory label that people are quick to roll their eyes at. The old joke: “how do you know if someone is a vegan? Don’t worry, […]

Go Veggie this National Vegetarian Week

With National Vegetarian Week upon us, Ellen Desmond gives some tips for anyone interested in quitting carnivorism  This week sees Ireland attempt to give vegetarianism some much needed press time. Being a strict vegetarian in Ireland is sometimes difficult, especially at the beginning, and even more so for a student. If you’re unprepared you’ll find […]