‘From an Outsider’s Perspective’

Jessica Anne Rose provides a thoughtful meditation on the scope of borders not in the political sense but in the intimate one; how we relate to one another.   “Borders”. A word teeming with beginnings of ideas and yet – I’ve got nothing. Two days before the deadline as the sun goes down, I ask […]

Sex & Intimacy

Written by Hannah Emerson I  was always the naked child. The one on the beach with bare cheeks on show and a crazed look in their eye, chaotically funnelling seawater into the moat of their toppling sandcastle. The one who simply refused to wear clothes and showcased unapologetic nudity regardless of company, situation or appropriateness. […]

Capitalism is Killing this Planet

Motley’s Current Affairs Staff Writer Brendan O’Grady argues that the current economic system is destroying our planet as the billionaire class booms in tandem with our world’s hunger for capital expansion.  First things first, let us define our terms: Capitalism is the dominant economic philosophy used globally by nation states and is based on the […]

Life After College

Life After College by Julianne Power   The big wide world – it’s a scary place, isn’t it?  Especially if you are a real-life grown up, something I regret to say I must soon become.  College life seems like the perfect bubble between growing-up and staying forever young – one gains independence, grows as an individual, […]

Opinion: Has the increating prevalance of automation and social media led to a demise in human interaction?

 Has the increasing prevalence of automation and social media led to a demise in human interaction?    Eve Roches talks us through her fears about the impact of technology on the development of the world. Technology is an ever-increasing part of our daily lives. We wake up and check our phones for daily news and […]

OPINION: First time renters in Cork face far too awful living conditions

    Thousands of us became renters for the first time September 2019, and thousands the year before that and so on. This is a completely new experience to us, whether we’re in student accommodation, in digs or if we’re in the private rental market.  The last report Cork Simon did in November 2019 stated […]