The Not-So Lonely Planet: Janice to Jetlag: Adjusting to the USA

  I kneeled on the hardwood floor of my room sobbing, looking at the cold body lying in front of me. She had been split into two halves, her dark-lined repository gutted and open; ready to be embalmed for our next life. Let’s talk about Janice. Janice caught my eye with her bargain price and offensively tacky appearance from the top shelf in Penneys. I wasn’t out of … Continue reading The Not-So Lonely Planet: Janice to Jetlag: Adjusting to the USA

Eur-joking, right?

Cillian Lyne details what he sees as the lunacy of the Irexit Freedom Party I’ve always been fascinated with the tormented genius archetype: a detective with powers of perception so grand that even the largest of mysteries seem… elementary. Or, a doctor who treats patients as puzzles, while perhaps his biggest puzzle is the workings of his own mind. A scientist who traded his humanity … Continue reading Eur-joking, right?

“We Could Have It With A Nice Mash?”

Sarah O’Leary looks back on her year in the Netherlands, and posits where her own personal Irishness came into her Dutch picture. “We could have it with a nice mash?” I regret these words as soon as I say them. I’m standing at a vegetable stand on the central canal of Leiden – basically, a miniature Amsterdam. I’m sandwiched between two Dutchies, Jelle and Michel, … Continue reading “We Could Have It With A Nice Mash?”

Scorn in the U.S.A.

Luke Kelly On Sunday the 18th of February at the NBA all-star game, former Black Eyed Pea and constant lady lumps enthusiast, Fergie, gave a performance of the American national anthem that could at best be described as daring, and at worst as a declaration of war on sound. The Twitter-verse was quick to pounce, with comparisons varying from Dory’s attempt at speaking whale in … Continue reading Scorn in the U.S.A.