The Not-So Lonely Planet: Janice to Jetlag: Adjusting to the USA

  I kneeled on the hardwood floor of my room sobbing, looking at the cold body lying in front of me. She had been split into two halves, her dark-lined repository gutted and open; ready to be embalmed for our next life. Let’s talk about Janice. Janice caught my eye with her bargain price and offensively tacky appearance from the top shelf in Penneys. I wasn’t out of … Continue reading The Not-So Lonely Planet: Janice to Jetlag: Adjusting to the USA

A Week in My Wardrobe: Birkenstock

  INTRO Fashion editor Paul McLauchlan wears Birkenstocks to campus for a week revealing how people respond to polarising footwear and how longevity is more fashionable than hype   Welcome to A Week in My Wardrobe, a monthly column in which I wear a certain item or outfit to college for a week. The purpose of the column is to look at the ways people … Continue reading A Week in My Wardrobe: Birkenstock

Surviving First Year

Motley Staff Writer Sadhbh Sullivan gives her advice to all new members of the UCC community on how to settle into university life post-freshers week Starting university for the first time, or even starting a new year of your course, brings with it a whole host of ups and downs. It draws the summer to an end, and begins a new chapter, dedicated to fresh starts, … Continue reading Surviving First Year

What can the law do for climate change?

Colombia should be an example for us all to follow The legal institution throughout the ages is known to protect capitalism’s fundamental interest; access to raw materials. As these raw materials are being consumed, more and more harmful emissions are released into the atmosphere in what is known as the ‘greenhouse effect’. Law insists on greater legitimacy of private ownership rights, which provide a legal … Continue reading What can the law do for climate change?

Shoulder to Shoulder

John Buttimer reviews Shoulder to Shoulder, a documentary proving that despite the political climate, sport can unite a nation. ‘Hard border,’ ‘soft border,’ a ‘United Ireland’ – these are words that are becoming unavoidable in our day to day lives as Theresa May’s Brexit plans splutter towards completion. Northern Ireland, which was once likened to the Sudetenland by Margaret Thatcher, is arguably one of the … Continue reading Shoulder to Shoulder