The Motley Christmas Playlist

  Music Editor Cathal Donovan O’Neill gifts you the hollyist, jolliest of Christmas jams It’s that time of year again! From December 1st onwards, every radio station will be in Christmas mode. You’re about to drown in a deluge of Mariah Carey, The Pogues and, God help you, John Lennon. It can be fun, but sometimes you need a break. Something a little different. That’s … Continue reading The Motley Christmas Playlist

Job for the Boys

  Uniforms are no longer confined to the four walls of an office, kitchen, building site, or further afield. In recent years, street fashion has co-opted workwear as a statement. Luka Phelan explores this development contrasting real life uniforms with their streetwear alternative. Find a chef and a carpenter alongside two young man. Find a young man imitating military garb but, unfortunately, without an actual … Continue reading Job for the Boys

The Arts Student and The Intelligence Justification Complex

Motley Staff Writer Niamh Browne talks about the disdain held for the arts, and why students feel the need to justify their choices to everyone who asks. It’s the dreaded question. The question with that tone. The snarky question mark you can just about hear. The “and how are you going to get a job out of that?” question. It’s the marish shadow that follows … Continue reading The Arts Student and The Intelligence Justification Complex

Trump’s 2020 chances: a Lie or a Landslide?

  Molly Kavanagh looks at the odds of a second term for America’s 45th President, preparing us for the fact that if 2016 has taught us anything, it’s to expect the unexpected.   The United States 2020 presidential election is less than one year away. The general consensus one year prior to the 2016 election was that Donald Trump would never be the Republican nominee. … Continue reading Trump’s 2020 chances: a Lie or a Landslide?

The Rise of Prada

Muireann Treasa Guinee chronicles the rise of Prada, a household name in luxury fashion, from its beginnings in WW1 Milan to its current standing as a leading global player in the fashion industry. Prada’s rise to fame is a tale of daring contradiction and unapologetic high standards. Over the years, it has solidified its grasp on the fashion industry with highly-intellectualised fashion and much sought-after … Continue reading The Rise of Prada